8 Political Podcasts to Break Down the Issues

Listen to these informed & insightful political podcast recommendations.

Otto Radio Brings Podcast Discovery and Personalized News to Google Play Store

Discover podcasts you love. Get your front page of news read to you. All with the push of a button.

Otto Radio Brings Personalized News and Podcast Discovery to Samsung Galaxy Users

Finding the right podcasts has always been a tricky task for Android users. That’s because there hasn’t been a dominant app for podcast discovery–until now. But on October 10th, the universe of podcast content and audio news for Android is getting richer. Starting Monday, Samsung will release the Otto Radio app for free exclusively in the Galaxy Apps store.

On Air with the Otto Radio News Team 📡

Starting today, a live news team stationed across the US will bring you the personalized news and stories you care about most. We hope this is welcome news for our listeners and makes your daily broadcasts even more enjoyable!

Otto Hits 1,000,000 Stories 🎉

Otto Radio is proud to have the most engaged and best-informed listeners imaginable! It’s been an amazing six months – a really testament to your curiosity and dedication 💪

Introducing Offline Listening

You asked, we delivered —now you can download broadcasts to go! While Otto is building your broadcast, tap the new download button and listen anywhere, anytime.

Discovering More Podcasts You’ll Love

How can we provide a finite broadcast during your commute while maximizing the opportunity to discover great podcasts?

Pitfalls of the Infinite Playlist

Today’s model of the seemingly infinite playlist, while on the one hand amazing, has, as a side effect, devalued each song and has obscured the album as we once knew it. We want to fix that.

5 Ways to Cure Your Commute

The average American spends more than 50 minutes per day commuting – adding up to 26.5 billion hours per year! So maybe it is time to ask “How will we make sure that time isn’t wasted?”