⚡️ 6 Podcasts That Will Make You An Emoji Expert 🎙🎧 🤗 #WorldEmojiDay

Emojis are everywhere. 🙀  Facebook says that 5 Billion Emojis Are Sent Daily on Messenger alone! 🚀

So, it only makes sense to have a #WorldEmojiDay to celebrate all things emoji. Often times you may find yourself wondering about the meaning of an emoji, why there are some emojis and not others, or what’s the impact of emojis on day-to-day communication.

Since we are as curious as you are, we assembled 6 podcast episodes that take a deep dive into all things emoji. Enjoy!

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a16z Podcast: The Meaning of Emoji 🙄 🦄 💩 😎

This podcast is all about emoji. But it’s really about how innovation really comes about — through the tension between standards vs. proprietary moves; the politics of time and place; and the economics of creativity, from making to funding … Beginning with a project on Kickstarter to crowd-translate Moby Dick entirely into emoji to getting dumplings into emoji form and ending with the Library of Congress and an “emoji-con.” And finally, what happens as emoji becomes a means of personalized expression?

FinTech Insider: Jeremy Burge, Chief Emoji Officer of Emojipedia 🤗

In this episode, Jeremy Burge joins us to discuss the wonderful world of Emoji.
Emojipedia is an emoji search engine and Jeremy Burge started #WorldEmojiDay.

The Sporkful: How A Food Emoji Gets Made 🍴🌭

In the early days of emoji, there were only a few. Now there are hundreds, with more added each year. But how do new ones get selected? And who decides what they look like? Also, is the pie emoji coming soon to a phone near you? And what can a deep dive into the process of emoji selection tell us about cultural differences around food?

BBC Business Daily: Emojis: Love ’em or Hate ’em? 😍  or 😡 

They’re everywhere, but can businesses actually make any money out of them?

The program includes Jeremy Burge, who has developed an Emojipedia business that catalogs the nearly 3,000 existing emoticons, Su Burtner, who successfully got a new cricket emoji accepted, and Keith Broni, the world’s first emoji translator at Today Translations, guiding businesses through the shifting quagmire of emoji meanings.

This Week In Law: Eggplant Emoji: Parmigiana or Pernicious? 🍆

Why are my threatening emoji’s showing up as an alien? Join Gabriella Ziccarelli, Denise Howell, J. Mike Keyes and Matt Curtis discuss the world of emojis and emoticons.

Chips With Everything: Can emoji evolve into a meaningful language? 🤔

Dr Vyvyan Evans on the first emoji terror threat and what the future holds for non text-based communication

Happy Listening! 🤗  🎧  🎉