Best True Crime Podcasts of 2017

Best True Crime Podcasts of 2017

True crime stories and podcasts are a perfect match. Here’s a selection of the best true crime podcasts right now.

Everyone who likes podcasts knows Serial. It was a game changer, bringing podcasts to a new level of popularity. It broke genre boundaries, becoming a pop culture phenomenon in 2014.

Plenty of true crime podcasts tried to follow the same formula. But which ones are worth listening? Emily Thompson, true-crime blogger and station manager of our True Crime Radio, picked the most impressive true crime podcasts of 2017.


A podcast about normal that people went insane

Minds of Madness is an investigative podcast, uncovering the series of events and circumstances that turned common people into gruesome assassins. It focuses not only on the motivations of killers but also the tragic background story of their victims.


Criminology True Crime PodcastA podcast about the most infamous cases

Criminology takes a deep dive into famous cases, revealing surprising details. The first season is dedicated to the Zodiac Killer, who terrorized Northern California in the late 60s and early 70s and was never caught.


Gone Cold Texas Podcast

A podcast about unsolved crimes in the Lone Star State

Digging into unsolved murders and stories of missing persons, Gone Cold explores unsolved crimes. Bringing to light long-forgotten stories, the podcast tries to solve cold cases in the Lone Star State.


cleaning of joe doe podcastThe aftermath of a brutal crime

It’s hard to imagine a hardest job than cleaning the place where a murder took place. Based on her own experience, hostess Vanessa Phearson offers to listeners a sensible and insightful perspective of true crime scenes in The Cleaning of John Doe.


Trace Evidence Best True PodcastsThere’s no such thing as a perfect crime

Trace Evidence offers a deep examination of evidence and theories around unsolved cases. The podcast reveals intriguing details of cold-cases, in search of justice for victims and their families.


You can check Emily’s previous lists here and here. Listen to all of these podcasts and more on True Crime Radio. Enjoy!