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Seahawks CB Richard Sherman: Ratings low because 'league isn't fun'

Sports Illustrated

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman continued his verbal attack on the NFL saying that the reason for a decline in ratings has to do with the fact that league isn't fun anymore.

According to some reports, the NFL's ratings are down over 10% compared to last season's metrics.

"Every other league you see players have a good time,'' Sherman said . ''It's a game. This isn't politics. This isn't justice. This is entertainment and they're no longer allowing the players to entertain. They're no longer allowing the players to show any personality. Any kind of uniqueness, any kind of individuality because they want to control the product. They want to control the messaging.''Sherman, a time three-time Pro Bowler, says the league is being hypocritical on its stance concerning being role model for young kids.

"That's their biggest ploy is you don't want to be a bad influence to kids. You don't want to be a bad role model," Sherman said. "And I can agree with that. But in the same breath, you can't say Budweiser is the official sponsor of the NFL, and we're trying to influence kids."

He also says the NFL doesn't care about the safety of the players.

"No, I don't buy it," Sherman said. "That's for public perception. They don't care about player safety. I've said that several times. But they do care about paying the quarterback $20 million and him missing a season. They do care about that."