Otto Radio uses Uber Trip Experience API to Deliver Podcasts and Audio News Globally

"Otto Radio is a compelling example of how an app can leverage the Uber Trip Experiences API to differentiate their offering by giving users personalized podcasts and news timed to their ride", said Chris Saad, Head of Product, Uber Developer Platform.

Otto Radio personalizes the way you listen to radio. Get your front page of news read to you and discover podcasts you love - all with the push of a button. And now, Otto Radio users can integrate with the Uber app to get podcast and audio news timed with their trip. Download our press kit here.

How it works

Once you connect via the steps below and request an Uber ride, a playlist of news stories and podcasts, perfectly timed for your Uber ride, will be waiting for you in Otto Radio. Just sit back, enjoy and arrive up-to-date about the things you care about most.

Connecting with Uber is easy

  1. Look for an in-broadcast announcement like this one or go to Me / Profile & Account / Connections
  2. Follow the steps to connect with Uber
  3. Enjoy a custom broadcast every time you ride with Uber!

Get ride updates in Otto

Driver arriving? ETA updating? Get all your trip alerts while you listen.

Otto syncs to your Uber on the fly

Picking up an UberPool rider? Otto will add “Bonus Time” to your broadcast.

Put your Uber on "Otto" pilot

Just sit back and get in-the-know while on the go.