TransAtlantic Acoustic Show for Sunday, Jun 26th, 2011

The TransAtlantic Acoustic show finally returns with some fab tunes. While we continually break our promises about when the show will appear, we never fail to fulfill the promise we make about the music! Ryan Kickland - "The Woodcarver" from "Woodcarvings". Available from CDBaby. Shawn Clarke - "Empty" from the CD "Like Birds Too Tired To Fly". Available from Indiepool. Casey - "Boy With Guitar" from the CD "Casey". Pick it up on iTunes or from CDbaby. Jimmy Burnevik - "Can't Get No Blues Blues" from "Color of Blue". Available from CDbaby. Tia Wilson - "The One", available on iTunes or from CDBaby. Will Richards - "I'm A Superhero But I'm Not Saving You" from "One More Chance". You can get Will's music on his own site at Happiest Lion - "Cleopatra Where's Your Throne and What is it to Me?" from the "Mammoth Moon" digital CD, which is available with name-your-own price from Psychic Saviors - "World War Three" which is available for free download from Psychic Saviors page at IndieHeart (at least until it closes down in Fall 2011 (which sort of tips off one of the announcements we make on the show. Okay, that's it for this show. We'll be back again in 2011, so don't write us off just yet! If your podcast reader doesn't display our band links, please visit to check out the links to the artist pages. Many of the artists give you a free download or two!