TransAtlantic Acoustic Show for Sunday, July 28th

New episodes of the show return this week with a special treat (or a special torture, depending on how you look at it.) Our fabulous Sam will be intermittently unavailable for hosting duties on the show due to a full and exiting life which takes up a great deal of time. However, the amusing and loquacious Peter Dahl Collins (drummer, bass player, and producer of the British Industrial Pop band crashtv) has been kind enough to step in for co-hosting duties. Not surprisingly, despite temporary hosting changes, we bring you the usual fabulous acoustic fare with a worldwide roster of talented artists. Artists debuting on the show this week include the lovely and talented Lizzie Nunnery (UK), and Moby.MK.II (Pakistan). We also have a selection from Toronto's The James Clark Institute from the new CD, Sideshow Unattraction, and nice cuts from Paul Liddell (UK) and Alex Stangl (Canada). Full playlist with links to the artist pages for more free streaming or downloadable music available at