Beautiful Dust Specks

Alex Hofeldt - Teacher, Coach, and Thinker

You are a wonderful walking, talking, thinking, feeling ball of vibrating star matter energized by starlight. Each week we will dive in to uncover the extraordinary science within our ordinary moments. You bring the curious mind, I'll bring the passion and enthusiasm.


The cosmos is vast. A vastness outside of human comprehension. The size, scale, composition and origin are wondrous and complex. Although we humans can not always comprehend the scope of things, that won't stop us from trying. The unknown and the unknowable are the key factors in what makes today great. Take a step back and ponder some of the ideas brought to light in these episodes. Internalize and let them fill you up. Embrace the chaos and enjoy the ride, knowing that you are a machine made of cosmic debris energized by starlight. Click to view: show notes and transcript