Brain Science with Ginger Campbell, MD: Neuroscience for Everyone

Ginger Campbell, MD

Brain Science is hosted by Ginger Campbell, MD. It explores how recent discoveries in neuroscience are unraveling the mystery of how our brains make us human. Full show notes and episode transcripts are available at


In this episode we focus on the most recent 5 years of Brain Science, looking back at our guests and topics with a focus on the question What is Mind? Since there is no consensus about this deeply human question, I am sharing how my own thoughts have grown and evolved over 10 years of reading, talking to scientists and philosophers and creating this podcast. Since this is part 2 of our 10 years celebration, I have also included some more listener feedback. Thanks to everyone who has sent me feedback since the show started in December 2006. You are the reason I hope to continue to create new episodes in 2017 and beyond. For detailed show notes and episode transcripts go to Send email feedback to