159: Landing Your First Client in the Freedom Economy

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Get a free 30-day trial of the Spera platform and the free Freedom Economy report by heading over to brandboostcast.com/freedom There is a vibrant and growing movement of self-reliant, creative and ambitious women and men of all ages - freelancers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, artists, and contract workers - who've declared independence from the traditional corporate world. They have chosen to pursue their passion, take control of their work lives, and enjoy the freedom that comes with this lifestyle. This is the Freedom Economy revolution. Who is April Smith? April has been working in the marketing space for 6 years and before creating Social Ape she was employed at ESPNU as the Social Media Manager, where she created content and interacted with avid sports fans via social media on a daily basis. Originally from Richmond, VA, April graduated from Radford University and has lived in Charlotte since 2007. April has also actively been involved in giving back to the community, as well as serving as a connector to those around her. She has served on the Social Media Charlotte board and is extremely passionate about marketing, public relations and Charlotte. When April isn't glued to her computer or phone, she's most likely doing hot yoga, hanging with her dog Frank, traveling or checking out the newest restaurants in Charlotte. What is Spera.io? Spera is developing a full-service digital office platform that will significantly improve the freelance work style. Get a free 30-day trial of the Spera platform and the free Freedom Economy report by heading over to brandboostcast.com/freedom Manage Projects The lifeblood of the Independent. View your open projects, track your progress, manage users, and keep up on your goals with the Spera Project Management tools. Get Paid Fast More money, no problem. Offer clients the ability to pay you via the Spera Platform Payments offering. Collect Checks, Credit Cards, and ACH via text, email, and through the Spera Platform. Tasks to Invoices Show me the money. Migrate your project tasks directly to customizable invoices with the Spera Platform Invoices tool. Robust Mobile App Independents on-the-go. Access your Spera account from your mobile phone and remotely send off and collect payment on your latest invoice. Manage Clients It's all about your people skills. Keep track of projects for former, current, and potential clients with the Spera Platform. Access to Capital Build your business. Help your business grow by receiving exclusive access to growth capital with Spera's special lending partners. Who is Vincenzo Landino? Vincenzo is an entrepreneur, speaker and host of the Brand Boost Podcast. He is the the founder and Creative Director of Aftermarq, a video consultancy specializing in brand amplification and digital storytelling. With experience as a brand correspondent, Vincenzo's portfolio includes a 1 billion impression campaign launch for Applebee's as well as work for Mazda, Kia Motors, Paul Mitchell Schools, Barilla Pasta, DC United, Tinder, and Zoomph. Outside of his professional life, Vincenzo is a die-hard Steelers fan, avid golfer and wine maker. Who is Amy Schmittauer? Amy Schmittauer is producer of Savvy Sexy Social, a YouTube series dedicated to helping you lift your day so you can love your life. This proactive lifestyle channel has amassed a community from over 179 countries whose viewers have contributed more than 3 million views. A co-founder and video marketing consultant at Aftermarq, Amy has helped clients discover brand awareness through video blog content and is writing her first book on the topic. An internationally-acclaimed public speaker and edutainer, Amy has walked on stages from her hometown of Columbus, Ohio, all the way to the other side of the world in the Philippines, while achieving high marks at the world's most influential marketing events such as Social Media Marketing World and Hubspot's Inbound. Voice Over Artist, Rachel Creveling Rachel owns Belle Strategies, a social media marketing company specializing in turning followers into customers. She has been providing voice over talent for 6 years and has recorded for TV, Radio, and Podcasts. Find her at www.bellestrategies.com. Enjoy the podcast? Give us a rating or a review on iTunes! Get a free 30-day trial of the Spera platform and the free Freedom Economy report by heading over to brandboostcast.com/freedom Check out the latest episode!