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On this episode of Collider Movie Talk (March 24th, 2017) Dennis Tzeng, Perri Nemiroff, John Rocha, David Griffin, Sinead DeVries and Wendy Lee discuss the following: 1) Bob Iger reveals Han Solo's age and details what happens after Episode 9 2) Chris Evans open to playing Captain America after Avengers 4 3) Brad Pitt was up for Cable in Deadpool 2 4) Justice League teasers and posters released 5) New Alien Covenant poster released 6) Transformers: The Last Knight IMAX poster 7) Brett Ratner calls Rotten Tomatoes the worst thing to happen to movies 8) Mail Bag In a new interview with Disney CEO Bob Iger, held at the recent USC Tech Conference, some new information was revealed about the Star Wars franchise post Episode 9 as well as the age range of Han we'll see in the Young Han Solo movie. In regards to the Skywalker saga, Iger revealed that Disney and Lucasfilm are only now starting to talk about what could happen after Episode 9; with Iger saying there could be another decade and a half of future Star Wars stories. The executive also revealed new details about the Young Han Solo movie, saying the film will span Solo's years from age 18 to 24, how he meets Chewbacca and how he finds his ship the Millennium Falcon. After speaking with Esquire Magazine and telling them it would probably be his last time as Captain America when his contract is up after Avengers 4, Chris Evans seemingly changed his tune when Collider's own Christina Radish asked him the very same question. BUY OR SELL Just as Michael Shannon was revealed to be the new front-runner to play Cable in Deadpool 2, has offered up a new detail in the casting process for the movie: Brad Pitt was also in contention for the role. Sources tell that in casting Cable, Pitt was seriously considering taking on the role, though he has since moved on. Warner Bros and DC Films have begun the marketing push for Justice League by releasing a set of posters and short teasers ahead of the trailer's Saturday debut. A new poster has been released for Alien: Covenant and it's a reminder to fans that the eighth film to feature the xenomorph is a return to its horror roots. Paramount Pictures has released a new IMAX poster for Transformers The Last Knight, offering up a few hints as to how all the different time frames and stories will ultimately connect. The poster evokes the Arthurian legend while revealing, what seems, both an Autobot and Decepticon leading their armies against each other. A fresh Rotten Tomatoes score has become a highly coveted aspect of movie marketing but that doesn't mean everyone in the industry has to like it. That goes for Tower Heist director and Revenant producer Brett Ratner. The director was recently at the Sun Valley Film Festival when he got to talking to EW about the review aggregator site. MAIL BAG LIVE TWITTER QUESTIONS March Movie Madness Tournament: Villains Round 2 Check out the YouTube Playlist for Awesometacular: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Facebook: Follow Dennis: Follow Rocha: Follow Perri: Follow David: Follow Sinead: Follow Wendy: As the online source for movies, television, breaking news, incisive content, and imminent trends, Collider Videos is more than an essential destination. Visit Collider: Follow them on Twitter: SUBSCRIBE TO THE SCHMOES YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE: Collider Show Schedule: MONDAY: TV Talk | TUESDAY: Heroes | Team Schmoedown | WEDNESDAY: Nightmares | THURSDAY: Jedi Council | FRIDAY: Schmoedown | SATURDAY: Mailbag | Behind the Scenes/Bloopers | SUNDAY: Mailbag | Crash Course | MOVIE TALK: Every week day |