Ep 76 - Why Rest & Relaxation Are So Important

Dickie Armour - Monday Motivation Podcast

Why Rest & Relaxation Are So Important ---------------------------------------------------- In this episode, I talk how important it is to find time to rest and relax. You have to rest and recharge your batteries so you can keep going and work at your peak performance. My New Podcast Sponsor: ------------------------------ Fussels Fine Foods Check out www.fusselsfinefoods.co.uk They make a fabulous Fussels single cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil along with loads of other great products including some of the best mayonnaise you'll ever taste. Go to www.fusselsfinefoods.co.uk As a special offer to you as a Monday Motivation Podcast listener, you can get a discount of 20% on all website sales. Please use the discount code MMFUSS1 Minimum purchase value must be PS15.00. Delivery to a UK address only. *********************** Ways to connect with me: I've recorded a video especially for you here: www.dickiespodcast.com > Subscribe to my YouTube Channel http://www.bit.ly/dickiesubscribe The Crypto Market News Desk www.cryptomarketnewsdesk.com Website: www.armour.marketing ICOs & Blockchain Consulting: www.correico.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/dickiearmour LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/dickiearmour Instagram: www.instagram.com/dickiearmour Snapchat: www.snapchat.com/add/dickiearmour My Books ======= My crime thriller "The Habit" http://www.thehabit.london My business book "31 Mistakes Every Online Business Makes" http://www.31mistakes.co.uk My new sales book "Where's The Buffalo?" http://www.wheresthebuffalo.com My latest business book "Making Millions From Bitcoin" http://www.makingmillionsfrombitcoin.com