EGO Interview with Alison Donaghey

EGO NetCast

I interviewed Alison Donaghey on January 27. I had put the volume a bit high, so the recording got a doubling effect. Kris of Ringr fixed the sound, by using a dynamics processor filter to gate the audio. Show notes: 01 Twitter profile 02 03 05 Think Opposite: Using The Domino Effect to Change Your Business, Change the World 06 The No B.S Truth: What It Takes to Build a Successful Business 07 The School of Athens 15 Millennials - Simon Sinek 16 American Pastoral - Scott Holleran 18 La La Land - Scott Holleran 18 Chocolat 24 Maria Dolores 25 Weiner 28 Trader Principle 34 36 Tim Sanders 38 Against Empathy: The Case for Rational Compassion 39 Newspeak 43 For Open Immigration - Harry Binswanger 44 Berlin wall - Sopron, Hungary 48 Productivity and tea podcast (in Swedish) 48 Think Opposite Internet talk radio and podcast 50 Domino Thinking on Facebook 50 alison @ dominothinking dot com - free book 54 Clase Azul Tequila 55 Margarita with Cointreau blood orange 56 Worm in the bottle - urban legend 57 Matcha Focus green tea [Editor's note: Please, use my ref. ID # 103807349 at Unicity's web shop.] 59 Chocolate covered grasshopers 60