039: Journey To Becoming A Professional Keynote Speaker

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Becoming a professional public speaker that's unique for each speaker, which makes the industry exciting while also making it confusing and difficult to break in and get noticed. For me I have the unique opportunity to dive into keynote speaking with 3 different experiences. Representing the Department of Defense Certified Technology Evangelist for a technology company sponsoring events Entrepreneur & full time keynote speaker in a new industry Linked mentioned in this episode: Grand Baldwin Podcast: The Speaker Lab My Episode: https://www.isocialfanz.com/3768-2/ 6 Business Speakers Who Helped Transform My Speaking Career 8 Female Millennial Speakers You Must See On Stage! http://heroicpublicspeaking.com/ https://www.isocialfanz.com/why-the-speaking-industry-needs-a-wakeup-call/ Sponsors: FREE Small Business Dashboard 9 Spokes: This episode is sponsored by 9 Spokes You can signup for FREE and check out their small business smart dashboard by simply going to http://9spokes.fomofanz.live Watch my 2 minute video introduction to the tool and how you sign up here:https://www.facebook.com/iSocialFanz/videos/813937512087376/ 5min Rant Sponsor: iOgrapher Use FANZO10 gets 10% off this page: https://www.iographer.com/collections/cases As always you can listen to the show on any of the podcast apps and make sure to follow the host Brian Fanzo better known as@iSocialFanz on both Facebook Live & Periscope so you can watch the shows LIVE each week. Who is Brian Fanzo the Millennial Keynote Speaker: In 2016, Brian keynoted in 10 countries at more than 50 events highlighting his passion for change, collaboration and community - dubbed the 3 C's which are the elements and foundation of his first book A Millennial Mindset due out Spring 2017. Brian has been referred to as a motivational keynote speaker, an inspirational keynote speaker, digital transformation speaker as well as a technology keynote speaker... This is why Brian refers to himself as a CHANGE EVANGELIST, as a millennial his vast background and unique experiences have allowed him to speak on a wide range of topics as well as solving different goals & objects for the brands and events hiring Brian as a speaker. Brian's background has also allowed him to leverage brands that he's worked with in the past and those that have hired him as an influencer to speak at their events including CES, SXSW, IBM, SAP, Dell, HP, Mobile World Congress, Business Rocks, Social Media Marketing World, MarkeTech, Periscope Summit and many others. If you're interested in having me speak at your event or create a workshop for your company please email me at Fanzo@iSocialFanz.com and make sure to visit www.iSocialFanz.com/Speaker to check out my latest keynotes and calendar of events I'm attending in 2017.