Episode 31: Writer Director Maureen Fura Asks Why Women Are Slipping Through The Cracks

Fourth Trimester Podcast: The first months and beyond | Parenting | Newborn Baby | Postpartum | Doula

The number one complication of pregnancy is a form of postpartum depression or anxiety. Despite how common it is for women to experience a degree of anxiety or depression associated during pregnancy or post-natally, there are still cases where women aren't receiving the care they need. To help crack the issue wide open, Maureen Fura and her co-producer Jennifer Silliman created a documentary film entitled, The Dark Side Of The Full Moon. The issue is dear to Marueen's heart. She was suicidal during her pregnancy and had dozens of counselors, OBs, psychiatrists and social workers tell her there was nothing they could do to help her. No wonder she took the matter into her own hands. She was particularly motivated to seek help before her baby was born because she was worried about the baby being taken away. Then again, she also planned to take her own life after the baby was born. These feelings are very real, and sadly, very common.