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580: Mel Sole had the honor and privilege to play with Gary Player in the South African Tour as a young man, today he runs a Golf Magazine Top 25 Golf School in multiple locations across the US. In this episode, Mel talks about his history as a professional and an instructor and shares some amazing tips on why his teaching method comprises of 50% swing mechanics and 50% mental strength. He also shares tips he's learned from Carey Mumford (Clear Key) on improving rhythm, and another from Nick Price on how to help us focus. We'd like to give you a free copy of Fred Shoemaker's "Extraordinary Golf - The Secret to Transforming Your Game" DVD that usually sells for $50! Write an review about Golf Smarter podcast in iTunes or the Apple Podcast app and get the DVD for only the cost of shipping & $5 handling! Either way, first come first served. Once you have it posted, email me a copy of the review and your mailing address to