Episode 213 - How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy - Interview with Kristin Zhivago

Maximize Your Influence

Join Kurt as he interviews Kristin Zhivago. Kristin is president of Zhivago Partners, a digital marketing management company, and the author of the book, Roadmap to Revenue: How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy. Kristin was one of the first to identify selling as a matter of supporting the customer's buying process. Kristen and Kurt discuss: Biggest blunder people make today in sales & influence Tips for entrepreneurs How to think like a buyer How to deal with a prospect who has found wrong information or too much information from the internet How to not bore your prospects What questions to ask to get your customers to buy Current trends in online marketing And much more! For more information about Kristin visit: zhivagopartners.com Offer of the week: Find our your Persuasion IQ & get a free digital copy of my best-selling book! www.takeyouriq.com