Episode 215 - Dealing with Rude, Mean and Hostile People

Maximize Your Influence

The Hostile Prospect This person disagrees with you and may even actively work against you. For a hostile prospect, use these techniques: * Find common beliefs and establish a common ground. * Use appropriate humor to break the ice. * Don't start the presentation with an attack on their position. * You are only trying to persuade on one point; don't talk about anything else that could trigger disagreement. * Because of your differences, they will question your credibility. Increase your credibility with studies from experts or anything that will support your claim. * They will try to find reasons to not like you; don't give them any. * Don't tell them you are going to try to persuade them. * Express that you are looking for a win-win outcome rather than a win-lose situation. * Show them you've done your homework. * Respect their feelings, values, and integrity. * Use logical reasoning as clearly and as carefully as possible. * Use the Law of Connectivity and the Law of Balance. Deal of the week: FREE BOOK