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The New England Journal of Medicine

The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) Weekly Audio Summary RSS feed. NEJM ( is a weekly general medical journal that publishes new medical research findings, review articles, and editorial opinion on a wide variety of topics of importance to biomedical science and clinical practice.


Featuring articles on BAFF overexpression and autoimmunity in Sardinia, dabigatran versus warfarin for ablation in atrial fibrillation, adalimumab plus methotrexate for uveitis associated with juvenile idiopathic arthritis, GPIHBP1 autoantibodies and chylomicronemia, data authorship as an incentive to data sharing, and stabilizing the mixed lineage leukemia protein; a review article on the physical abuse of children; a case report of a man with hearing loss, seizures, and cognitive decline; and Perspective articles on preventive medicine for the planet and its peoples, resisting the suppression of science, a precision delivery initiative for precision medicine, and board review and the middle-aged doctor.