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John August and Craig Mazin

Screenwriters John August and Craig Mazin discuss screenwriting and related topics in the film and television industry, everything from getting stuff written to the vagaries of copyright and work-for-hire law.


Special guest Irene Turner joins Craig and John for a new round of "How Would This Be a Movie?" In this episode, we look at Jake Halpern's article on Canada-bound refugees, Amy Krouse Rosenthal's moving personal ad for her husband, and the porn-filled saga of Prenda Law. Irene's latest film, The Most Hated Woman in America, debuts March 24th on Netflix. Stay tuned after the closing credits for a bonus segment from the new rom-com podcast You Had Us at Hello by Tess Morris and Billy Mernit. Links: Most Hated Woman in America | Official Trailer The New Underground Railroad A Safe House for Refugees You May Want to Marry My Husband Prenda, Copyright and Porn Prenda Law Couch to 5K 5K to 10K You Had Us At Hello I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore Irene Turner on Twitter John August on Twitter Craig Mazin on Twitter John on Instagram Find past episodes Outro by Victor Krause (send us yours!) Email us at You can download the episode here.