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Wedding planning the Bridechilla Podcast way is fun, easy and drama free. Hosted by your virtual bridesmaid comedian and author Aleisha McCormack, who twice a week cuts the wedding planning white noise and BS, questions old-school traditions and encourages you to plan the wedding that YOU want, not what Pinterest, wedding magazines and your mother think you should plan. Bridechilla Host Aleisha has helped thousands of Bridechilla and Groomchillas to plan their big day with the Bridechilla Podcast, bringing interviews with wedding vendors, bloggers, authors and psychologists, tackling everything from obligation guests, and budgeting to stress and mental health. Subscribe now and see why The Bridechilla podcast is the #1 wedding planning podcast.


When it comes to planning your #wedding..."fill it full of shit that you love!" Britt @popupwed Podrover access Re-sharing old episode blogsYou have many wedding planning questions and we...yes, he's back, have the answers. Rich is co-hosting the show, (whilst cooking dinner). As well as answering your weddingnplanning questions, we share a special discount code (25%off!) for our brand new Bridechilla app! Photographer and Bridechilla Elena Is after some advice about how to include her brother in her wedding in a meaningful way and she's worried that being so ahead of the game in her wedding planning that she will unwittingly be using future trends that are new. Ow but may look cookie cutter later. (Visit Elena's photography site here Bridechilla Anna form Manchester is feeling anxious about being the center of attention, especially walking down the aisle- how does she combat those feelings and enjoy the day? We share a hilarious voice message from Bridechilla Kate who was concerned about her engagement part falling so close to the election. Can you ask people to stop talking about politics!? Finally bridechilla graduate Kelli left me a Facebook Message asking why are people so insistent that marriage will be hard! A fabulous bunch of questions! Download the app and get listening to over 250 episodes of the show! All that and a lot, lot more on the #1 wedding planning podcast, The Bridechilla Podcast! Have a question or comment? I want to hear it!send me a voice message> Visit the Bridechilla Store to support the show Buy a T-shirt or Tote ? and spread the #Bridechilla word! Follow Bridechilla Podcast onTwitter Join the BridechillaFacebook Community