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It’s a crowded book market, and even if you have a quality product with a great cover, you still need to get attention for your book somehow. Amazon Advertising opened up to all authors who publish on Amazon in Dec 2016, and I’ve been trying them out with some success. In today’s show, Mark Dawson goes into detail on how and why to advertise on Amazon. In the intro, I give my personal update and thoughts from the London Book Fair, including why the global, digital, mobile and nimble approach as an indie is so awesome. I did a quickfire session on How to Reach More Readers and Sell More Books alongside Orna Ross, Adam Croft and Gabriel Mercer. You can find that session recording and a ton of other useful sessions on writing and publishing at the Indie Author Fringe, a free online conference run by the Alliance of Independent Authors. Join me and Mark for a free webinar on How to Set Up Your Own Amazon Ads and Sell More Books in 2017. Tues 28 March 2017 at 3pm US Easter/8pm UK. Click here to register for the live webinar (or to get the replay). Mark Dawson is the USA Today bestselling author of the John Milton thriller series as well as a number of other novels. He co-hosts the Self-Publishing Formula podcast and is well known in the author community for his Facebook Ads for Author’s Course which is now a broader course on Advertising for Authors. You can listen above or on iTunes or Stitcher or watch the video here, read the notes and links below. Here are the highlights and full transcript below. * Why advertising matters for authors and why it’s never too late to start * What Facebook ads are useful for now * Why box sets are great for fiction income * Why Amazon ads work better now than before * The two types of Amazon ads and which works better * How to do keyword research for your ads and how many keywords to use * How to know if your ads are working and tips on the ad text * How to address the problem that Amazon won’t spend your ad budget * Hacks for book launches to get more email opens and more sales You can find Mark Dawson at and the course at and on Twitter @pbackwriter Transcript of Interview with Mark Dawson Joanna: Hi, everyone. I’m Joanna Penn from the and today I’m here again with Mark Dawson. Hi, Mark. Mark: Hello, Jo. How are you? Joanna: I’m good. It’s great to have you back on the show. Just a little introduction. Mark is the USA Today Best-Selling Author of the John Milton thriller series as well as a number of other novels. He co-hosts the Self-publishing Formula podcast and ...