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Mark Levin

Mark Levin is one of the hottest properties in Talk radio today. He is also one of the leading authors in the conservative political arena. Mark's radio show on WABC in New York City skyrocketed to Number 1 on the AM dial in his first 18 months on the air in the competitive 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM time slot. Mark's latest book, Plunder and Deceit, debuted at number one on the New York Times Best-Seller list. When your books are endorsed by Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, you know you have a winner on your hands. In a short period of time, Mark has become one of the most listened to local radio Talk show hosts in the nation.


We have these insiders trying to position themselves as outsiders. They are acting like conservative values and certain positions that President Donald Trump is taking are new and that they have never been heard of before. Building up the U.S. military, securing the border, enforcing immigration laws, slashing individual and cooperate taxes, slashing federal regulations, and appointing originalists to the courts are all part of a conservative agenda. These are not new values and it is conservative Americans and the Tea Party that have been promoting these values, not the pom-pom boys and girls. Conservatives have been fighting to promote conservatism for years and it is they who have given us people like Sens. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. After that, Trump's recent executive orders have been traditionally conservative, and so far he has pursued a conservative agenda. When push comes to shove this administration will join with conservative principles and when it doesn't, they will join with leftists, code pink Republicanism and Bernie Sanders like trade positions. Later, the 4th Circuit Court is now infringing on 2nd Amendment rights. On Tuesday, the Court ruled that Maryland could ban 45 commonly held weapons and magazines that held more than 10 rounds. This is why people have lost faith in the courts and can't stand judges anymore. Finally, Barack Obama and some Republicans have done a good job in dismantling the U.S. military. The South China Sea has been taken over and Russia has confirmed existence of its information warfare wing.