11/30/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

The Mark Levin Show Podcast

John Conyers and Al Franken and any others like them should be expelled. How many of you walk around in a robe and take it off when staff walks in? Their apologies are not apologies. They say that they didn't know that the women took it this way and other rationalizations. We know Holly wood, the media and Congress are sleazy and disgraceful. After that, the media are destroying freedom of the press and the First Amendment. It's because of their outright hatred they have for a President that fights back as previous Presidents did not. They have done enormous damage to the First Amendment, the Constitution, and capitalism. When was the last time CNN did a worthwhile program on the Constitution? It is almost as if the media is in campaign mode or opposition research mode against politicians they don't like, especially Trump. The mantra is that there is something mentally wrong with Trump, but that is not true. What do people like Joe Scarborough know about mental illness? Later, if Republicans like Bob Corker have their way, you are not going to be able to deduct state income or property taxes. Where is the argument that this money belongs to you and that they shouldn't take away the tax breaks? They should have slashed individual tax rates across the board. Nobody should be seeing their taxes go up. What Ronald Reagan did actually worked and created an endless number of jobs. In addition, an illegal alien, Jose Zarate murders Kate Steinle and a jury in San Francisco finds him not guilty. Steinle's last words, after she was shot were, "Help Me Dad". Could you imagine being a father losing your daughter in this situation? Zarate had been released from a San Francisco jail 3 months prior to the shooting. Federal law enforcement requested that he be detained for deportation, but San Francisco did not cooperate because it is a sanctuary city. Finally, the Trump administration might recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. If Trump goes through with this, it will be historic as no other president has had the guts to do it. Trump is turning out to be the best friend Israel has ever had.