12/4/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

The Mark Levin Show Podcast

Since the election and the special council appointment of Robert Mueller, Democrats have been trying to lay the case for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. That is why the Democrats want the Russia investigation to be as broad as possible. Last week's plea deal with Michael Flynn is a continuation of just that -- a broad investigation for the sole purpose of impeachment. This investigation has never been about finding justice, but has always been about ousting the sitting president. Impeachment is supposed to be an absolute last resort for addressing a President outside the criminal justice system. It's not there to remove a President because of differences in opinion or to paralyze him and his administration. You will hear people say that impeachment is a political question, but it is really a constitutional one. If it's political, then one can be impeached for any reason. Also, the proper name for Robert Mueller should be Special Impeachment Counselor. It is quite a thing to enroll a special counsel who can roam the countryside looking for all crimes against all people and try to break as many people as he can. The Democrats wanted a special counsel to continue to destroy the Constitution. All this is going on because they can't accept a 4 year term of a President that does not support the left's goals. In addition, apparently, sexual harassment in the media, the Senate and House is all cleaned up. We don't hear about members of Congress or Hollywood, molesting and groping because in the media it is Trump obstruction of justice week. Later, The Supreme Court is allowing the Trump administration to enforce the latest version of the travel ban in a 7-2 decision. They agree with Trump and are overruling multiple federal district judges appointed by Barack Obama. Finally, Trump gave back millions of acres of federal land back to Utah. The so called Monument Designation, taking millions of acres from states, has been abused by every president, especially Obama.