The Scarecast - Scary Stories & Creepypasta


This podcast features various scary stories and creepypasta from popular Youtuber MaddMike. These creepy stories are narrations of different peoples postings on reddit. From deep web, stalkers, serial killers, and murder. These stories will be sure to keep you awake all night and under the cover.


Special Message To You All: I really want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for sticking around and staying dedicated to listening to my podcast after all the inconsistency. I am aiming for Thursday releases at 10am every week. I also plan to release another podcast for strange mysteries for you guys! I want to thank everyone for their recent ratings and warm messages regarding my podcast. It really means a lot to me and I wish iTunes allowed for more direct communication from you guys. I also would like to ask if you guys could possibly help contribute to my Patreon account which funds everything for this podcast. I currently have 3 supporters that are donating a total of $31 to my account, every penny helps me. If I can get more funding, this will help me produce more episodes and get started on this other podcast as well. I pay editors to edit my audio for the stories (on average $30-$40 bucks an episode), it also takes me at least 8-10 hours each episode for recording, editing, rendering, uploadingeach episode depending on the length. I am getting sponsors here and there and it has been enough to cover the podcast hosting fees thankfully. If you guys can help me out, that will be greatly appreciated, sometimes I give things away to supporters which in the past I bought clown coloring books for the few I had. I also plan on getting T-Shirts made if I can get enough funding. If you decide to help me here is the link: Anything can help, even a dollar or a quarter.The reason I am asking this is because before now, I was relying on Youtube funding which has gone downhill drastically due to an advertiser boycott. It is hard to find the motivation to continue without funding, as of now, I am digging in my pockets to fund this podcast and I will not stop since I see a lot of you guys love listening to it. It will just be a bit easier if I can get some funding other ways. If you are not able to contribute, I really appreciate you listening to my podcast period and I love all of my fans. It takes a lot of time for you all to listen to my episodes and I can't thank you guys enough for lending me your ear. You are all very special to me and please comment on my instagram or send me a message, it really makes my day. I am also sorry for taking an entire month of and I will not do it again. Enjoy guys! xxxxxxxxx These 2 scary horror stories involving stalkers will make you keep a good look out for possible followers. One story involves a creepy stalker landlord and the other story involves a secret stalker. Subscribe and turn on notifications!!! >> Writing Credits ****************************** My landlord stalked me Written by RegretfulBob I never got to meet my stalker Written by lovely_stars Music Credits ****************************** All music composed by CO.AG Music... Go subscribe to him! Visual Credits ****************************** Pictures / Videos Used From (Copyright Free) Contact Me: ****************************** Email: ****************************** Website: ****************************** Reddit Page (Post Stories Here): ****************************** Instagram: @maddmikehorror ****************************** Snapchat: @maddmikehorror - UPDATE NOTIFICATIONS ****************************** Twitter: @maddmikehorror ****************************** Facebook Fan Page: Personal Facebook Page: Add me @ Mike Maddson Facebook Group: ****************************** Tumblr: ****************************** Patreon (Donate): ****************************** The Scarecast - Podcast: