Episode 122 - Inspirational Stories from the Archives

Why I Social

This week on Why I Social, we go back in time to some of the inspirational stories and moments that provide insights into how we can change our own lives. The episodes were pick based on feedback I've heard over the years but are far from the only moments worth going back to. Featured in this collection of great advice and motivational moments is: Ahna Hendrix (Episode 58) on the importance of doing other things outside of your business as an entrepreneur, as well as the importance of putting your health and wellness first. Zoomph CEO Ali Reza Manouchehri (Episode 47) on focus, self-reflection and avoiding YES men. Danny Vecchiarelli (Episode 109) on discovering what he wanted to do and his path to owning a barbershop. Tracy Soren and Jesse Jolles (Episode 70) discuss how getting out of one's comfort zone helped them meet one another and form a professional partnership. Tim Smyth (Episode 89) on how he brought his passion, comic books, into the classroom. Share your thoughts on this week's episode with #WhyISocial Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Google and Otto Radio. Follow at @WhyISocial. Do you have someone you'd like to see on the show? Tweet me at @CBarrows or @WhyISocial using #WhyISocialGuest The Why I Social podcast is brought to you by Zoomph. Zoomph transforms digital marketing with real-times streaming analytics. Our platform provides you with an end-to-end solution to ignite your content, your marketing, and your business from start to finish. Learn more about Zoomph at http://bit.ly/WhySocialAnalytics