Episode 26 - The One Where Life Is Like A Hurricane

Why I Social

On this week's episode, Amir and Chris literally cheat the system to get in more than 5 stories. Also, Chris recaps his Social Media Week NYC experience while Zonozi gets featured on the BHPhoto Podcast. This week's Five Favorites: 1. How A Typo Took Down S3 - The Backbone of the Internet (The Verge) 2. Nintendo Switch Users Face Hardware Issues (Polygon) 3. Social Platform News Social Influencers Leaving Platform (Snapchat) Reccomended by Casie Shimansky Facebook Chatbots Can Now Avoid Chatting (Marketing Land) Instagram Ads Available for All (Social Media Today) ...and more! 4. Phone News Nokia 3310 Samsung Galaxy 8 Blackberry Pixel (New) 5. Hot Topic: Meet YouTubeTV Honorable Mention(s): Wilkes-Barre Township Police Department Facebook Post Goes Viral DISHonorable Mention(s): Scrapping By On Six Figures in the Silicon Valley Tweet of the Week (new) @TrevorIgoe Use the hashtag #FiveFavorites to share YOUR favorite stories each and every week - and YOU may be included on the show (including our new tweet of the week feature).