Episode 28 - The One Where It's 35 Percent Smaller

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On this week's episode, our hosts debate whether or not they'd rather face an army of terminators or zombies (there's really no debate). Also, we discuss the value of jpegs being 35% smaller. This week's Five Favorites: 1. 'iPad mini Pro' is reportedly one of the four new iPad Pros launching soon (BGR) 2. Google's new encoder makes JPEGs up to 35 percent smaller (The Verge) 3. Kurzweil Claims That the Singularity Will Happen by 2045 (Futurism.com) 4. Twitter got hacked -- even a BBC account. Do this one thing to protect yourself (USA Today) Also: McDonald's Tweets at Trump 5. Hot Topic: Amazon Puts Alexa In It's Main iPhone App (VentureBeat) Honorable Mention(s): Facebook and Twitter Try New Looks DISHonorable Mention(s) Bankrupt drone startup Lily is telling customers it has no time frame for refunding their preorders Owner of @Hawaii Gets Brunt Of #BoycottHawaii tweets Tweet of the Week (new) @BradParler Use the hashtag #FiveFavorites to share YOUR favorite stories each and every week - and YOU may be included on the show (including our new tweet of the week feature).