Episode 35 - The One Where We Get On Bored With Elon Musk

Why I Social

On this week's episode, Amir and Chris have strong feelings about Hulu's new redesign. They also strongly consider following Nicki Minaj on Twitter. This week's Five Favorites: 1. Apple's Siri Speaker Could Be Announced at WWDC In June (The Verge) 2. The $999 Surface Laptop is Microsoft's Expensive Answer to Chromebooks (TechCrunch) 3. Domino's Taps IFTTT to Deactivate Your Garden Sprinkler Automatically In Time for Your Pizza Delivery (The Verge) 4. Watch How Elon Musk's Boring Company Tunnels Will Move Cars Faster (TechCrunch) 5. (Hot Topic) Hands-On With Hulu's New Live TV Service (TechCrunch) Honorable Mention(s): Nicki Minaj Makes Good On Her Offer To Help Pay Over A Dozen Students' College Tuition and Loans (TMZ) DISHonorable Mention(s) The Google Doc Email Heard Round The World including The person who thought starting with the fake email as HHHHH was a good idea Anyone who clicked it (but seriously, we love you) Tweet/Post of the Week Jeff Higgins Use the hashtag #FiveFavorites to share YOUR favorite stories each and every week - and YOU may be included on the show (including our new tweet of the week feature). Tune into Honorable Mentions on WhyISocial.com for all the links we didn't discuss.