Episode 45 - The One With Gaby's Boyfriend

Why I Social

On this week's episode, our hosts get off to a late start thanks to a Balrog. Also, we share helpful hints (completely kidding, kind of) on how to escape jail using a drone. This week's Five Favorites: 1. Uber tipping is rolling out to 121 U.S. and Canadian markets today [TechCrunch) 2. Nielsen: On-demand audio streaming hits record high, is up 62.4% over last year [TechCrunch] 3. Snapchat lets you add links, voice filters and backdrops to Snaps [TechCrunch] 4. RED is making a $1,200 smartphone with a 'holographic display' [The Verge] 5. Hot Topic: Everything you need to know about Tesla Model 3, which is starting production [The Verge] Honorable Mention(s) Here's how to get $5 back if you registered your drone with the FAA DISHonorable Mention(s) An inmate in South Carolina used a drone to escape from maximum-security prison (Mashable) Five Favorites' Tweet of The Week @VancityReynolds Use the hashtag #FiveFavorites to share YOUR favorite stories each and every week - and YOU may be included on the show (including our new tweet of the week feature). Tune into Honorable Mentions on WhyISocial.com for all the links we didn't discuss. Links not included in show notes - including additional mentions - will be included in the Honorable Mentions blog post.