Eight apps built on the Trip Experiences API to make your Uber ride awesome

Get your front page of news read to you and discover podcasts you love while you Uber. Unlike traditional radio, your interests determine what Otto Radio plays for you, so you can keep up-to-date even during your downtime. Using Uber’s “Current” endpoint, Otto Radio sets the length of your playlist and dynamically adjusts in case of delays.

Podcasts on the Road—Otto Makes Playlists That Match Your Uber Ride

Today, Otto announced an integration with Uber’s Trip Experiences API. Uber highlighted Otto on its developer blog as one of eight integrations that make effective use of the service, which allows Uber users who opt-in to share data about their trips with other apps.

Get a Custom Mix of Podcasts and Audio News

Nothing makes bad traffic worse than bad talk radio. Now you can name your interests and Otto Radio will give you something good to listen to.

2016 RAIN Awards – "Best Audio Startup"

Otto Radio named "Best Audio Startup" in the 2016 RAIN Awards by RAIN News - the preeminent source of information and commentary about the future of radio and the emergence of streaming audio.

Why So Many Startups Are Launching Their Own Podcasts

Steve Pratt, CEO of Pacific Content, sees a larger trend in podcast consumption and discovery. Apps like Otto Radio act almost as a Flipboard for podcasts – users enter their interests and get personalized playlists with just the push of a button.