Otto Radio Enables Users To Access Thousands Of Single-Topic Stations

Otto Radio has launched a new "themed station" feature within its platform, allowing users to create streaming radio stations dedicated to more than 500,000 unique topics or themes. The dedicated stations can pull in audio news and podcasts about diverse topics such as golf, personal finance, food, true crime and more.

Otto Radio Adds Personalized Themed Stations

The new Otto Radio web and mobile app can build dedicated stations that pull in audio, news and podcasts about diverse topics such as golf, personal finance, music, food and more.

Engineering the Future with the Uber Development Platform

Otto Radio, an app that provides audio news, narrated articles, and podcasts, normally asks users for some length of time and then builds a list of personalized content to fill that time. But, when you are in an Uber, it uses the Trip Experience API to automatically detect the length of your trip and then build the perfect playlist for you to listen to during your ride.

Samsung's $150 Million Bet to Find the next Big Startup

When we asked what’s in Samsung NEXT’s “secret sauce,” Bechhold explained that the firm is “fortunate so that we have access to a huge company of platforms who give us insider knowledge on where the future is headed, and that helps us determine which opportunities are relevant or not.”

Personalized Podcasts with Otto Radio App

If you listen to the radio but would like to hear consecutive news and podcasts topics that are related to your personal interest try the Otto Radio app. Unlike traditional radio, the app automatically curates top podcasts and audio news based on your personal interests.