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Geard UP: Raw Unfiltered Bodybuilding

Geard UP is a weekly podcast featuring pros and notable amateurs in the bodybuilding world. Nothing is off limits, hence the “Raw Unfiltered Bodybuilding” tag line. Adam Mcvey, David Johnston, and a rotating cast of co-hosts bring their wild, unfiltered thoughts, ideas, and questions to our weekly guests. If you want to hear what’s really going on in the bodybuilding world, this is your show.

Bodybuilding Nerds Radio

Who are we? Just a couple of nerds who love all things bodybuilding related. What is this show about? Bodybuilding Nerds Radio is about celebrating bodybuilding, the bodybuilding community, and giving tribute to bodybuilding podcasts that have helped to enterain us, educate us, and given us something else to waste our time doing. What else? We plan to share our combined experiences encompassing DECADES of bodybuilding and love of the cult. Bodybuiding Nerds Radio will talk about all aspects of bodybuilding and leave no Geek behind! Why should you listen? You probably shouldn’t, if you value your time!! But everybody needs to do cardio or prepare meals at some point, and we hope to fill that listening void. Maybe, juuuust maybe, you may like us enough to keep us on your listening cue.. WE ARE BODYBUILDING NERDS RADIO, AND WE WELCOME ALL AVERAGE BODYBUILDING NERDS ABOARD OUR STARSHIP……It’s time to get nerdy.

Access Bodybuilding

Hosts Aaron "Jewbacca" Singerman & IFBB Bikini Pro Cristina Vujnich bring you weekly news and gossip from the world of Bodybuilding!

Skip La Cour's Bodybuilding and Fitness Podcast

Six-time national champion bodybuilder, one-on-one peak performance coaching specialist, supplement company owner, and speaker, Skip La Cour, offers advice on training, nutrition, and motivation that will help you take your efforts to the next level and interviews the most interesting people in the bodybuilding and fitness world. (For more information, visit his website at

Nonstop Bodybuilding

Nonstop Bodybuilding

Natural Bodybuilding Radio

natural bodybuilding radio Bodybuilding Media

USAMuscle brings you America's best bodybuilding champions on video and on the web. Since 1998, USAMuscle has been showcasing America's best muscular physiques in our impressive and extensive line of muscle-packed competition and training videos and through, the world's largest online collection of on-demand men's bodybuilding media. Subscribe to our free VidCast for previews and features from our collection.

Pro Bodybuilding Worldwide

For the first time in the history of professional bodybuilding, fans can now tune into a talk-radio show devoted exclusively to the world of pro bodybuilding. Developed by Executive Producer Dan Solomon, Pro Bodybuilding Weekly gives fans the opportunity to hear directly from the biggest names in bodybuilding! Now available on Sirius Satellite Radio!

The Building Ambition Podcast: Transform Your Body

The Building Ambition Podcast strives to create a strong desire for success within men and women each week by featuring inspiring guests, client testimonials, and educational segments from top minds within the fitness, nutrition, and self-help industries. Real People, Real Results!

PBW Bodybuilding Radio (

The Fitness Industry's Media Hub

Ben Greenfield Fitness: Diet, Fat Loss and Performance

Free exercise, nutrition, weight loss, triathlon and wellness advice from! Call your question in to 1-877-209-9439. Tune in to the latest health, fitness and multi-sport research, non run-of-the-mill interviews with exercise and medicine professionals, and new cutting-edge content from the top personal trainer and wellness coach in the nation. Exercise, eat, swim, bike, run and live better. Go to for the incredibly useful shownotes and for ALL episodes in our archives and the handy-dandy phone app, visit! This podcast includes fitness, nutrition, health, diet, wellness, workout, exercise, triathlon, Ironman, swimming, cycling, running, weight lifting, bodybuilding, Crossfit, Paleo, Spartan, vegan, vegetarian, muscle gain and fat loss advice from America's top personal trainer.

Mark Bell's PowerCast

Mark Bell's PowerCast is a weekly show featuring humorous and informative interviews with top names in powerlifting, bodybuilding, strongman, athletic training and CrossFit. It is hosted by pro powerlifter, inventor and magazine publisher Mark Bell, along with co-hosts "Silent" Mike Farr and Jim McDonald. (Mark was featured in the 2008 Sundance documentary "Bigger Stronger Faster" and the 2015 Tribeca documentary "Prescription Thugs").Sponsored by, Apeman Strong (, and Mark Bell's Sling Shot ( by Jim McDonald - SuperTraining.TV. Business inquiries:

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