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Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

POWERED BY DENTALTOWN.COM Uncomplicate your dental life with Dr. Howard Farran as he interviews your fellow townies and leaders in dentistry! Dentists and dental professionals share their wisdom to make your dentistry faster, easier, higher in quality and lower in cost. Episodes released every week day with the full transcripts at

Dentist Money

The show where we help Dentist make smart financial decisions.

Talking Dentistry

Talking Dentistry is an ongoing series that covers a variety of topics related to the field of dentistry. Hosted by Dave Goldberg, guests include top professionals in the field of general dentistry, implants, periodontics, cosmetic dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery, endodontics, prosthodontics, pediatric dentistry, alternative therapies, sedation, and more. Each show features a panel of experts and is intended to enlighten and inform patients.

Thriving Dentist Show with Gary Takacs

Gary Takacs is helping you build a great dental practice that provides personal, professional and financial satisfaction.

Business Of Dentistry with Dr. Russell Kirk

Dr. Kirk discusses the business aspects of being a private practice dentist.

The Dentalpreneur Podcast w/ Dr. Mark Costes - Become More Profitable, Less Stressed and More Fulfilled in Your Dental Career

The goal of this podcast is to assemble the greatest minds of the dental profession and to pass on their most valuable and succinct lessons, in order to help you to achieve your full potential in practice and in life. Let’s face it. Dentistry can be a frustrating and isolating profession… but you don’t have to be an island anymore. It’s possible to become more profitable, less stressed and more fulfilled in your career and it’s our mission is to help you get there.

The Dental Hacks Podcast

Each week the DentalHacks podcast takes an irreverent and informative look at the dental world. You’ll get entertaining interviews from interesting people covering all the hot topics in dentistry. Even better, you’ll hear from the DentalHacks Brain Trust a panel of the sharpest and funniest dentists you’ve ever heard talking about the same stuff dentists think about all the time. Join your hosts Alan Mead and Jason Lipscomb for a dental podcast experience like no other!

The Relentless Dentist Show with Drs. David & Karah Maloley

We are launching Dentists beyond their excuses and into an epic life. Each episode delivers inspiration and actionable content for people in dentistry: -Magnificent Marketing- (ways to help your dentistry practice grow) -Bold Biographies- (interviews with dentists who broke the mold such as Dr. Howard Farran of Dental Town and Dr. Bruce Baird of the Productive Dentist Academy) -Maverick Mind Shifts- (discussions on developing the mindset of a winner) -Wealth Wisdom- (finding financial freedom) -Hints for Happiness- (a deep dive into positive psychology) -Legendary Leadership- (building an incredible team) -Prescriptions for your Practice- (systems and strategies to reduce Doctor’s headaches)

FLOSS Weekly (MP3)

We're not talking dentistry here; FLOSS all about Free Libre Open Source Software. Join host Randal Schwartz and his rotating panel of co-hosts every Tuesday as they talk with the most interesting and important people in the Open Source and Free Software community. Records live every Tuesday at 12:30pm Eastern / 9:30am Pacific / 17:30 UTC.

Wieso nicht? | Learning German | Deutsche Welle

German for advanced learners: Relationship crises, visits to the dentist, roommates and supermarkets -- the "Wieso nicht?" audio features will take you straight to the heart of real life. This language course expands on an existing knowledge of German.

Dentistry’s Ideal Practices Podcast | Dental Practice Management | Exclusively for Dentists

Dentists advance clinically and profitably in practice ownership on the Ideal Practices Podcast. Jayme Amos, your host, is the bestselling author, expert in building practices and founder of dentistry’s most popular website for opening dental offices. Each week you’ll learn tips from the best minds in dentistry to create your Ideal Practice. Jayme Amos is the founder of where tens of thousands visit his site. His bestselling book, Practice Location is in its second edition and his Ideal Practices podcast is one of the highest ranking in dentistry. Connect with Jayme at

T-Bone Speaks PodCast

T-Bone Speaks is a dental podcast dedicated to helping you achieve clinical, financial, and personal balance in dentistry. Dr. Tarun "T-Bone" Agarwal and his co-host Mr. Chuck McKee bring years of practical experience and a unique 'in the trenches' view of dentistry to the podcast. Thanks to their entertaining demeanor and down to earth approach, you’ll be looking forward to each episode. For more great resources on dental learning or to submit a question to the hosts please visit .

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