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GardenFork.TV DIY, Food, & Home Improvement Videos

A video show about DIY, cooking, gardening, and other fun stuff. I love cooking and gardening and know enough about these and other things to be dangerous. AND check out our audio podcast, GardenFork Radio as well.

Honda Podcast: Honda DIY and More (Small)

Our Honda podcast is a show about everything Honda. We cover accessory DIY, mods and more. If you own a newer Honda this podcast is for you.

Hey Indie Filmmakers - a DIY filmmaking podcast

"Hey Indie Filmmakers" is a weekly podcast about DIY filmmaking, cameras and technology, hosted by documentary filmmaker Griffin Hammond and tech expert Nick Bodmer.

The DIY Animation Show.

The DIY Animation Show.

GardenFork Radio - DIY, Gardening, Cooking, How to

The audio companion to our GardenFork.TV video show, we talk about an eclectic mix of DIY, Food, Gardening, Cooking, Home Improvement and Beekeeping.

The king of DIY

The podcast exclusive to the king of DIY mobile app! New podcast every Tuesday!

DIY Passion Podcast

DIY Passion is a blog (and now a podcast!) about a couple on a quest to make a house a home. We talk about the blogging world, introduce our listeners to inspiration people, places and techniques that we love and have found useful in our journey. The DIY Passion Podcast is an extension of our blog and a glimpse into our life and lifestyle.

Kingdom of Rock - Helping DIY Musicians and Music Entrepreneurs with Business

DIY Musicians, Entrepreneurs, Music Business, Music Marketing, SPI, Guitar, Drums, Bass

DIY Home Builder | Be Inspired! | Learn how to build your dream home and your net worth!

Welcome to the DIY Home Builder Podcast! This show is dedicated to the intrepid Owner-Builder. That rare breed of individual who shucks convention and embarks on a journey to build their home acting as the general contractor. Listen in as we interview other owner builders, industry professionals and our friends and family, to share their stories and insights regarding building houses. There are a million reasons why you might want to build your own home. The pride of creating something with your own hands, the flexibility to design what you really want, the opportunity to learn new skills and trades – the list goes on! For many of us though, one important reason is to be able to have a custom home that we can actually afford. Building it yourself can save you 25% (or more) off the cost to buy an equivalent home or have someone else build it for you. However there is definitely a learning curve when it comes to knowing how to capitalize on those cost savings. This podcast and its accompanying website were created to help flatten that learning curve and give you the tools, resources and knowledge necessary to start you on your journey to building your dream home. Whether you are acting as your own contractor and hiring subs or doing the labor yourself, we’ll take you from start to finish on managing a new build; from securing a construction loan to scheduling and sourcing materials and ultimately building on your future.

Newest Videos on OneMinuteU: Download, Upload & Watch Free Instructional, DIY, howto videos to Improve your Life!

OneMinuteU: Where you can download / upload short educational, instructional, DIY, howto, motivational videos such as: Love / Sex Advice, psychic readings, Business & Careers, Apple Iphone Computer, guitar, Animals & Pets, Beauty, Arts & Crafts.

DIY Live

DIY LIVE, hosted by Karl Champley, showcases a passionate and no- nonsense approach to home improvement and eco-friendly, green design. The show features the latest insider trade show news on tools and products from a mix of top designers, decorators, building and remodeling experts. From simple questions like which table saw is right for the job, to fully redesigning a house, Karl answers listeners’ calls and offers doable tips to help make any project easier. Australian native, Karl Champley is an award-winning Master Builder and environmental home inspector for commercial and residential construction in both the USA and Australia. In the building trade for 28 years, Karl has won countless awards for prominent large-scale remodels, additions and new homes, to the world-famous Glass House situated in the Royal Sydney Botanical Gardens.

DIY Tryin

DIY Tryin is a weekly, hands-on adventure in do-it-yourself and do it with others. Hosted by Patrick Norton and Michael Hand, whether it's experimenting with cronuts in the kitchen, welding up a bombproof bike rack, making your or building an amazing media server, DIY Tryin is ready to help viewers develop the skills to build, not buy, one project at a time! Cronuts!

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