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Elvis Presley Tribute Artist Eddie Miles

Eddie Miles is the best Elvis Presley tribute artist out there. If you're an Elvis fan, all you have to do is close your eyes and listen closely and you'll find out why Elvis' closest friends think Eddie Miles sounds just like the King himself. J.D. Sumner of the Stamps, DJ Fontana (Elvis' drummer), Scotty Moore, Terry Blackwood, Charlie Hodge and a few others all give Eddie Miles high praise when it comes to keeping Elvis' music alive. Listen to Eddie Miles now as the best Elvis impersonator out there!

Elvis Presley

Covering the brilliant recording career of Elvis Aaron Presley, The Elvis Presley Podcast presents an episodic journey through the King of Rock and Roll's life and music career. Featuring a variety of interviews and musical excerpts covering the Early Years, Gospel to Movies to Las Vegas and beyond, the Elvis Presley Podcast is your inside track into the world of one the most profound creative artists of all-time. For more great podcasts, please visit the main Legacy Recordings Podcast page.

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