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Today's Environment Television Series

TODAY’S ENVIRONMENT is the only series on national television with an optimistic look at the new ideas, inventions and solutions that are being used to improve our environment.

Mr. Ardito's The Living Environment

Making sense of the Living Environment (and other things)

The Environment Report

Michigan Radio's "The Environment Report" hosted by Rebecca Williams explores the relationship between the natural world and the everyday lives of people in Michigan. New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday.

Environment & Science - Voice of America

Learning English as you listen to a weekly show about the environment, science, farming, food security, gardening and other subjects. Our daily stories are written at the intermediate and upper-beginner level and are read one-third slower than regular VOA English.

The Jewish Relationship to the Environment

Environment and Judaism: Legal and Philosophical Perspectives

Our Local Environment

A Sackville vidcast. This is our first attempt at making a video podcast. We have made it as part of an eTwinning project about our local environment. These video podcasts are a tour of our school environment. Podcasts are being made by our school in the UK and schools in Spain, Italy and the Reunion Island in the Indian ocean. We are sharing audio podcasts and other multimedia experiences. S and P age 11 years.

Environment News Podcast - the Green Alternative

Check out the Green Alternative for environment news in Australia and around the world. The Environment Society of Australia has no political or financial affiliations, it is a volunteer community organisation working for the environment.

Environment Centre On Air

A fortnightly look at topical issues, hosted by Environment Centre Hawke's Bay

Environment Matters Podcast

The Environment Matters podcast is where we take a look at the intersection between environmental policy and conservative misinformation.

Environment Podcast

The Science Show and Ockham's Razor have always brought us commentary on the environment and climate change. Now Off Track takes us out to feel the breeze. Special features can also be found on Background Briefing and our other current affairs regulars: Breakfast, RN Drive, and the weekend Extras.


Stories about the environment focused on the Pacific Northwest, with many from KPLU's Environment reporter, Bellamy Pailthorp.

Learning by Ear – Economy and Environment | Deutsche Welle

Learning by Ear is the Deutsche Welle’s new multimedia learning program for the african continent.In these Podcasts you can listen to the DW’s series and radio dramas about economy and environment.

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