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Hey Indie Filmmakers - a DIY filmmaking podcast

"Hey Indie Filmmakers" is a weekly podcast about DIY filmmaking, cameras and technology, hosted by documentary filmmaker Griffin Hammond and tech expert Nick Bodmer.

Indie Film Hustle Podcast: Filmmaking | Film School | Screenwriting | Film Marketing | Independent Film | Cinematography | Film Festival | Filmmaking Podcasts | Short Films | Filmmakers | Film Festivals | Indie Film | Agents Managers | Advertising

Indie Film Hustle is dedicated to showing you how to hack the film business. Interviews with Acadamy Award® / Oscar nominees and industry professionals giving you the real deal from the inside of independent film with no BS, just the truth on what it takes to survive and thrive doing what you love. We discuss cinematography, RED Camera, Arri Alexa, Blackmagic camera, post production, color grading, filmmaking, visual effects, motion graphics, film festivals, editing, film crews, directing, producing, film business, screenwriting, movie scripts, film distribution, film marketing, VOD, VHX, iTunes distribution, DIY filmmaking stuff, short films, feature films, video training courses, web series, independent film and much more in this podcast, all in an effort for you to survive and thrive in the jungles of the film business. Hosted by Alex Ferrari

The Elements of Cinema Podcast: Learn Filmmaking from the Pros Living it

A Student's Guide to the Fundamentals of Filmmaking

Just Shoot It: a Podcast on Directing & Filmmaking

Just Shoot It is a podcast about directing, filmmaking and storytelling. Each week we interview your favorite up-and-coming directors, screenwriters, editors, cinematographers, and actors, and learn how they became successful, working content creators. We're all about getting off your butt and making your own videos. Each week we'll share tips and stories of how people in the entertainment industry forced their ways into sustainable careers. Matt Enlow is a director working in comedy. His website is Oren Kaplan is a director and VFX artist who has directed the theatrical feature, The Hammer, a Lifetime movie, and countless branded content videos. His website is

Indie Film Academy | Free Online Filmmaking School for Independent Filmmakers | Screenwriting | Crowdfunding | Cinematography | Directing | Editing | Distribution & Sales

Your free online film school. Learn filmmaking from other independent filmmakers. We cover topics such as screenwriting, film finance, pre production, directing, film editing, marketing and much much more. Join us as we talk with filmmakers in all walks of life to first-time filmmakers outside of the Hollywood system, to Oscar Winners and Filmmakers who have worked for the Studio System.

Michael Winterbottom: Meet the Filmmaker

Director Michael Winterbottom (A Mighty Heart, The Trip) discusses his new film. The Face of an Angel looks beyond the salacious headlines to explore both the media and the public’s obsession with violent stories, as a journalist and a documentary filmmaker chase the story of a murder and its prime suspect. Hosted by Dave Calhoun at the Apple Store, Regent Street in London.

Kevin Hart: Meet the Filmmaker

Comedian Kevin Hart talks about his latest stand-up comedy film, What Now?. Filmed in front of 50,000 people at Philadelphia's Lincoln Financial Field—the Universal Pictures release marks the first time a comedian has ever performed to an at-capacity football stadium.

Michael Maren, Bryan Greenberg, and Linda Lavin: Meet the Filmmaker

Writer-director Michael Maren and actors Bryan Greenberg and Linda Lavin talk about their new film A Short History of Decay. The movie—a dark comedy about stepping up when your parents are going downhill—is a love letter to anyone who’s been a caregiver for someone who raised them.

Keanu Reeves, "Man of Tai Chi": Meet the Filmmaker

Join Keanu Reeves for a discussion about his directorial debut, "Man of Tai Chi." Set in modern Beijing, the film, also starring Reeves, follows the spiritual journey of a young martial artist (played by Tiger Chen) whose unparalleled Tai Chi skills land him in a highly lucrative underworld fight club. As the fights intensify, so does his will to survive.

Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List: Meet the Filmmaker

Join director Kristin Hanggi and actors Victoria Justice and Pierson Fode for a discussion and Q&A about Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List. The romantic comedy follows incoming NYU freshmen and childhood neighbors Naomi and Ely. When they fall for the same guy, their bond is tested and they must come together to repair their lifelong friendship.

Chi-Raq: Meet the Filmmaker

Join director Spike Lee and actor John Cusack for a moderated discussion and audience Q&A about Chi-Raq. The film—a searing satire of America' gun culture—centers on a group of Chicago women who declare a war of the sexes after a young girl is killed by a stray bullet.

Michael Rossato-Bennett and Dan Cohen: Meet the Filmmaker

Director Michael Rossato-Bennett and Dan Cohen, founder of Music Memory, talk about their film Alive Inside. This stirring documentary—winner of the Audience Award at Sundance—chronicles the astonishing experiences of memory-impaired individuals around the country who’ve been revitalized through the simple experience of listening to music.

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