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Uneducated Humor

Uneducated Humor is a podcast based out of los angeles. Sex, booze and fails. The story of every mans life. we trade hilarious stories from our dating and social lives. It's raunchy and straight forward but always funny. check us out! fair warning , not for the easily offended.

Not from Concentrate | Audiobooks / Science Fiction & Fantasy / Short Stories / Humor

Author and novelist David Wallace Fleming publishes original humor, science fiction and fantasy short stories. Subscribe for a variety of free, serialized audiobooks of short fiction. For more info on the author, visit

Handle It With Humor

Handle It With Humor is an uncensored comedy podcast about parenting, marriage, babies, and stress. Mollie Gross is a comedienne, motivational speaker, and author. Her goal is to help you find humor in life's most stressful situations with advice you can LISTEN to, and stories you can laugh at.

Tall Tales & Shaggy Dogs: Stories and short humor by Abner Serd

Storyteller Abner Serd specializes in short humor with a twist. His stories often pull the listener out of the normal sphere of reality and into a surrealistic landscape populated with eccentric characters who nonchalantly redefine common sense. Think of these stories as comic strips for the ears: short, weekly doses of whimsy. What yarns will Abner spin today? As Jimmy Fingerbutton the inventor once put it, "the world is full of things nobody ever thought of before." This is an all-ages podcast - there's a little something for everybody. In 2016, the podcast switched from a daily to a weekly release schedule, with a new story appearing each Wednesday.

Program Podcast: The Michael Slate Show: Banned Books, Fixed Football Games and Biting Humor

Podcast for Program: Banned Books, Fixed Football Games and Biting Humor In series: The Michael Slate Show Version: Diaz speaks about the Librotraficante caravan organized to defy the banning of books under Tucson's law ending the teaching of ethnic studies. Dix talks about the fixing of football games and the promotion of a low-talent, fundamentalist christian quarterback. Knight talks about his new book, "Too Small to Fail" and about the politics and humor of editorial cartooning and the unique experience of being a young Black cartoonist in a place like America.

Vegan Radio - News, information, guests, media, humor, and vegan-sexuals.

News, Interviews, Music, Vegan Culture, and more. Vegan Radio features co-hosts Megan Shackelford, Derek Goodwin, and Scott Lahteine, who bring their irreverent wit and sane perspectives to bear on the serious subjects that the show deals with. We typically feature the latest news in the vegan movement, followed by interviews with interesting guests and music by vegan musicians. This show is also broadcast on FM radio in western Massachusetts.

The Echo & Ken Show: Small Town News & Humor

Echo Menges and Ken Mitchell spill the beans on what's happening in our little part of the world... it's kind of like A Prairie Home Companion except without all the music and skits and we talk about a real town... OK, it's not really all that much like APHC at all, but hey, it's still pretty funny and informative. This is the official podcast of The Edina Sentinel even though we talk about all kinds of stuff. Give us a try

The Chadderbox Podcast - Conservative talk with a sense of humor.

Conservative Talk with a Twisted Funny Edge. It's Family Guy meets Rush Limbaugh!

Monalisa de Pijamas - Podcast, Entretenimento, Humor » Podcast Feed

Porque as mulheres não vem com manual de instruções

The ParentNormal Comedy Podcast: An Imperfect Parenting and Family Humor Show

Your Home for Close Encounters of the Baby, Toddler & Elementary Kind

Off The Rails Podcast: or (The Unexpected Humor in Pop Culture)

Three middle-aged high school buddies (Noah, Bubba, and Sean) drink beer and talk about popular culture, examining the noteworthy, the weird, and the flat-out awful in movies, music, TV, video games, comics, sports, and pro wrestling. All purposeful discussions will eventually go off the rails. Not for children, people with delicate sensibilities, or Aquaman apologists.

Gallows Humor Podcast

Hang out with central Florida comedian, Ray Brito, as he sits down with other comics, friends, and other local artists. Twitter - @raybrito305 Instagram - @betweenthebritoandme

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