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Swish Edition

The "Swish Edition" is produced in Washington, DC and beamed to the world every week. Hosts Dale Blades, Scott Wallis and Steven J. Walker, along with a colorful, diverse cast of characters and correspondents, bring you commentary on the news and pop culture, reviews, celebrity interviews, travel best-bets, and gay hilarity. Made by gay dudes, but accessible to the straights, too! Subscribe here on iTunes, visit us at www.swishedition.com, like us at facebook.com/swishedition, or follow us at twitter.com/swishedition. Get Swishy with it!

DJ Baby Yu's Podcast

Demanded internationally, DJ Baby Yu is one of North America’s most experienced, versatile well respected and highly connected DJ’s. Baby Yu without a doubt is a staple in the entertainment industry world-wide. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, he has held residencies at Velvet Room, Whiskey Park, at the W Hotel and Tongue and Groove, Door 44, Aja Lounge, Opera, Compound, Aurum, Gold Room and more. Currently Baby Yu spins at Vanquish, Compound and Reign. Along with his weekly club residencies- Baby Yu can be heard on Atlanta’s hottest radio station V-103 (WVEE- V103 FM “The Peoples Station”). Monday- Friday at 5:00pm on the Ryan Cameron show, Friday at 7am on the Morning Show with Frank Ski & Wanda, and Saturday at 12:00 noon for his “Mid Day Motivation Mix”. In early 2012, One of his ingenious mixes played on V103 caught the ear of hip hop heavy weights, Jay- Z & Kanye West, leading Baby Yu to be personally requested by Kanye West to assist with creative ideas for the “Watch the Throne Tour” track set. Baby Yu also continues to do his syndicated radio shows, tuned in by thousands around the globe: Making himself accessible to the masses, Baby Yu also maintains a highly successful podcast site which has 200,000 downloads per month to date. Adding to his satellite radio resume, Baby Yu also hosted Metro Mix on THE CITY XM 67 on XM Satellite Radio, The League Crew Radio, and Violator All-Star DJs Uncut Radio on Hip Hop Nation for Sirius Satellite Radio for 4 years respectively. When he is not moving crowds in Atlanta’s hottest night spots, he’s on the road extensively through the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. Proving his versatility once again, Baby Yu has been requested to play for various crowds in Los Angeles at the ever popular nightclubs: LAX, Area and Opera, and in Atlantic City at Dusk, Level and many more. Baby Yu has been the opening tour DJ for Juelz Santana, 112, Snoop Dogg, Sean Paul, The Game; and also has been the top pick to DJ concert after parties for for Kanye West, Ne-Yo, Fat Joe, Pharrell, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Akon, Chris Brown, Diddy, Rick Ross, Trey Songz, DJ Khaled, Cassie, Black Eyed Peas, Drake, Georges St- Pierre, Allen Iverson, Lebron James, and more. Expanding to his international appeal, Baby Yu has also worked alongside with K-Pop Artists: The Wonder Girls, Crown J and 2PM. Currently Baby Yu is Atlanta rapper: Young Jeezy’s official tour DJ, starting his journey with the artist in early 2012 at the start of the Hustlerz Ambition Tour. With a compelling fan base in the global music scene, Baby Yu definitely exemplifies a man that can ‘do it all’! He goes on to state: “I do what I do for the love of music, also for the love of influencing others in the right direction by having a great time at a party. Being a vital part of those enjoying great mixes and music through their iPod’s, radio, internet and so on, pushes me to continually achieve creative greatness…I believe I can make a di­fference”. Whatever the media outlet may be, Baby Yu will continue to make highly notable impressions that are unforgettable.

Anime Vice Squadcast

The Anime Vice staff discuss the latest anime, manga and j-pop news and new releases in this weekly podcast.

Japan Top 10 (日本のトップ10) JPOP HITS!

Japan Top 10は、日本のラジオで最も放送されている10番大人気の曲を紹介する祭りのことです。完全的に英語で主催する上で、ITUNES, TuneIn なのどメディアに通じ同時に放送されます。最新情報は毎二週の火曜日に更新されますが、更新されない場合、夏のスペシャルカウントダウンが行います。放送してほしい曲がありましたら、info@jtop10.jp に請求書でお知らせくださいますように、よろしく申し上げます。新曲にご興味になればせひ http://jtop10.jp をご覧ください。 Japan Top 10 is a show where we give you and play the top 10 J-Pop hits played by the Japanese radio stations! The show will be done in complete English and we'll do our best to keep the talking to a minimum! This show will be released right here on iTunes, TuneIn and many other podcast platforms. A regular Japan Top 10 Countdown is released on a bi-weekly basis on Tuesdays. Artist of the month countdowns are released on the first day of each month. Special episodes occur during the winter and summer seasons. Feedback about this show can be left at info@jtop10.jp. We also love to take your request about any Japanese hits you want us to play, email us at the same email (info@jtop10.jp) and we'll do our best to put it on the next countdown! Finally, make sure you visit our website at http://jtop10.jp for more awesome stuff!

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