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Unsung: The Non-Profit News Show

Follow the hashtags on the show for each story, or connect with Unsung on Twitter via @pghonvideo or using the hashtag #unsungpgh! "Unsung" is's first original programming developed exclusively for the site, made possible by The Pittsburgh Foundation. A big thanks to Mangtoons for the intro as well as Pittsburgh native artist Basick Sickness for contributing the theme track to the show. Please check out what they have going on at their respective sites. New episodes of Unsung are posted every two weeks on and, as well as extended interviews that didn't make it into the show in our Unsung Uncut videos! This Podcast was created using

The Writers Panel

The Writers Panel series is an informal chat moderated by Ben Blacker (co-creator of the Thrilling Adventure Hour; writer for Supah Ninjas, Supernatural, among others) with professional writers about the process and business of writing. Covering TV, film, comic books, music, novels, and any other kind of writing about which you'd care to hear. Proceeds from the live panels benefit 826LA, the national non-profit tutoring program.

Adelaide University Gliding Club

The Adelaide University Gliding Club (AUGC) podcast features material produced by club members to highlight the sport of gliding. AUGC is a non-profit club affiliated with the Adelaide University Sports Association.

Recovery Radio Network

The Recovery Radio Network is a 501 c 3 non- profit corporation formed for the purpose of using new technologies to promote and support recovery from addictions. Over 2000 AA, Al-Anon, CODA, NA, and ACA speakers in our database may be downloaded, shared, or streamed from our site for free. We also are podcasting daily episodes Monday through Friday which may be found on iTunes. Please see our Blog at for additional information.

Free Music Archive Song of the Day Podcast

The Free Music Archive is a non-profit digital library offering free and legal MP3 downloads. Our Song of the Day podcast features handpicked tracks including live in-studio recordings and Creative Commons releases. Every MP3 you discover is pre-cleared for certain types of use that would otherwise be prohibited by copyright laws, ranging from downloads to use in videos and remixes. Visit for more information about individual tracks and artists.

The Haunted South

The Haunted South Paranormal is a non profit organization dedicated to the scientific research of unexplained and paranormal activity. We are located in South Georgia and investigate primarily in the South Georgia, North Florida area, although we will travel farther if the need is great enough. We offer help, hope, and friendship to those who are being victimized by occurrences that they cannot explain or understand. We also offer training for people who are interested in the field of paranormal study. Our services are strictly confidential and always free of charge.

The WildeBeat

"The audio journal about getting into the wilderness." For 10 minutes each week, we help you explore and appreciate America's wilderness. Listen to The Wildebeat to explore new places, learn safe and responsible skills, and prepare to get into the wilderness! You don't need to do extreme sports to enjoy nature and being outdoors; anyone can enjoy backcountry activities, such as camping, hiking, backpacking, horseback riding, rafting, kayaking, canoeing, climbing, mountaineering, skiing, or snowshoeing. We're a non-profit, listener-supported educational service of Earth Island Institute. (For a complete audio archive, please visit our web site:

Qigong and Tai Chi

The 501(c)3 non-profit Qigong Institute has created a podcast discussing the extraordinary benefits of Qigong, an ancient Chinese health practice which combines movement, meditation, and breathing.

Gospel Driven Entrepreneur

Through Gospel Driven Entrepreneur weekly podcast interviews, organizational leaders and solo entrepreneurs have the opportunity to hear from various individuals who are leading the charge of start-ups, freelancers, writers, and non-profit and for-profit organizations, being inspired and equipped to lead through a gospel centered framework.

Take Out With Ashley and Robyn

So many of us are looking for Better Health. Better Health – for ourselves, for our loved ones, for our country and our global neighbors. From our work, we know the critical role better food plays in achieving this goal, but we also know it takes resources and a “village”. Join us as we interview and have a lot of fun with guests we see as game changers – creating and modeling efforts for us all to learn and be inspired from. From rock stars to policy makers to non-profit founders to food makers and food distribution leaders to teachers, chefs, pro athletes, actresses, mums and dads, grandparents, and singles, so many of their efforts, like yours and ours, will help us all meet the goal of better health. Grab Take Out with Ashley and Robyn and chew on how awesome our future will be with the inspiration and opportunities shared. *music by Jason Shaw@

GapCasts by Gapminder Foundation

The Gapminder Foundation is a Fact Tank, working for a better world by promoting a fact based view. Our GAPCASTs are web-based, short talks on issues concerning global development, shot against a blue screen with our presentation tools as background. Gapminder Foundation is non-profit foundation, based in Sweden and chaired by professor Hans Rosling.

Fallen Rock Zone With Sherry and Barb!

Fallen Rock Zone with Sherry and Barb is live Thursdays 6-8 PM Eastern Standard Time. Send rock/hard rock/alternative/industrial/goth/electronic/synth pop music to Twitter: @FallenRockZone The Audio on this site is copyrighted by the respective author and placed here for evaluation and entertainment purposes only. No profits are made on this site from their use. Please support these artists and purchase their audios or videos. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, any copyrighted work on this site is distributed under fair use without profit or payment to those who have expressed an interest in receiving for non-profit research and educational or criticism purposes only.

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