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Pilates Podcasts from Balanced Body

Balanced Body firmly believes that mindful movement can change your life. Our Pilates podcasts are for anyone - beginners to experts - looking for a fun and challenging method of exercise and a better way to move through everyday life. We're pleased to announce our weekly video Podcast Series for instructors, therapists, athletic trainers and new enthusiasts! Download and watch the latest tips, exercise demos, equipment assembly "how-to's" and much more. No matter what your Pilates background is you'll find something of interest here. Check back each week!

Beyond the Movement: The Pilates Podcast

The First Internet Broadcast for the Pilates Method

Fit for Duty - Yoga and Pilates

These Fit for Duty episodes feature Yoga and the Pilates method, both used to build strength, flexibility and agility.

Pilates, Yoga, Total Body, Meditation

View our podcasts here or go to YouTube to stream all our videos.

Thinking Pilates Podcast

Transforming teachers and lives.

WorkoutMusic.com : Pumpin cardio, exercise, fitness and workout music

Energize your workout with this free workout music podcast. Powered by Power Music (™), the world's best selling fitness music and the official music provider for Carmen Electra, The Biggest Loser, Shape Magazine, and the popular Top 40 Hits Remixed series. Each episode features 60 minute non-stop mixes great for walking, jogging, running, treadmill, elliptical, interval training, circuit training, cycling, marathon training, yoga, pilates, or general exercise. For more great music, visit www.WorkoutMusic.com.

Move Beautiful

Move Beautiful is a podcast dedicated to helping movers and shakers learn more about their own bodies, how to move them and the best way to live an active and embodied life! You don’t have to have an anatomy background to find this podcast useful, although those who do will find little gems of information along the way. Podcast host Lana Johnson is a Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor and owner of BPS Tensegrity. She will take you on a journey of self discovery in your own body helping to prevent injury, rehabilitate after pain and improve the efficiency of your movement! At the end of every podcast there is a homework or ‘home play’ also known as home practice section.

CalYoga - Yoga Instruction & Video Podcast

CalYoga Video Learning Series.Join Master Instructor Byron Miller for the Calyoga Ashtanga Learning Series. These 2-3 minute video vignettes are "to the point", easy to use, and designed with today's active lifestyles in mind.Cal Yoga specializes in private and public instruction of Hatha Yoga, including variations of Ashtanga, Martial Arts, Pilates and Tai Chi, Qigong and Ballet.

Yoga & Beyond | The Yoga and Movement Science Podcast

I started this podcast to provide access to engaging interviews and discussions with thought-provoking, idea-shaping professionals and to stimulate our thinking about WHY and HOW we teach and practice. For me, the "beyond" part reflects the bigger picture of movement, anatomy, biomechanics and wellness. I interview authors, biomechanists, physical therapists, pilates teachers, rolfers, chiropractors, yoga teachers, anatomy teachers and more, all with the goal of sharing ideas about the body and how we move. I feel that there's a lot of misinformation out there in the yoga world (and fitness world) and my goal is to cut through that and provide more science based info. More Science. Less Woo Woo!

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