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SAGE Political Science & International Relations

Welcome to the official free Podcast from SAGE for Political Science & International Relations. SAGE is a leading international publisher of journals, books, and electronic media for academic, educational, and professional markets with principal offices in Los Angeles, London, New Delhi, and Singapore.

New Books in Political Science

Interviews with Political Scientists about their New Books

Geek's Guide to the Galaxy - Science Fiction Interviews, Movie Reviews, Sci-Fi Books and Writing

Author David Barr Kirtley discusses geek culture with guests such as George R. R. Martin (#22), Richard Dawkins (#46), Paul Krugman (#61), Simon Pegg (#39), Margaret Atwood (#94), Philip Pullman (#76), Neil deGrasse Tyson (#32), and Ursula K. Le Guin (#65). The A.V. Club calls the show, "An informative and impressively in-depth podcast well worth checking out," and io9 lists it as one of "13 Smart Podcasts That Will Feed Your Hunger for Knowledge and Ideas." NPR's earbuds.fm lists the show as a recommended podcast, and CBC Radio writes, "You may not think a podcast about science fiction and fantasy would be the place to go for political insight, but -- it is. Geek's Guide to the Galaxy manages to be more insightful about politics than many pundits." Help crowdfund us at patreon.com/geeks

Blunt Force Truth

Emmy-winning Game show legend Chuck Woolery joins forces with polymath and serial entrepreneur Mark Young to tackle the toughest issues of the day, without the usual angry white guy banter. Part talk show, part Ted Talk, Blunt Force Truth features Chuck and Mark exploring topics one at a time by pulling back the curtain, setting aside the political rhetoric and laying out the truth using science, research and hard facts.

Physics World Science Podcast

Editors from Physics World magazine and its sister website physicsworld.com talk to leading scientists and science commentators about cutting-edge physics research, science education and the cultural and political issues shaping the international scientific community.

Introduction to Politics 2310

Introduction to Political Science.

The Gaggle with David Helfenbein

Just as a gaggle is an informal political press briefing, The Gaggle is a 20-minute casual weekly conversation, released every Monday, that focuses on politics, media and political culture. The Gaggle presents behind-the-scenes perspectives from leaders living their everyday lives in the political, journalistic or governmental spheres, providing special insights into what makes them tick. Host David Helfenbein’s background is in public relations, strategic communication, public affairs and politics. He is currently Vice President at DKC Public Relations and previously worked for Secretary Hillary Clinton at the State Department and in the Senate, at The Brookings Institution and at MSNBC’s Morning Joe. He holds a law degree from Washington University School of Law and an undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Communication and Public Service and Political Science. He also writes for The Huffington Post.

Speak Your Mind, with Mike James

Open topics, from News, Science, TV, Movies, Current Events, and even LIGHT Political talk This Podcast was created using www.talkshoe.com

Campaign Beat

"Campaign Beat", Montana Public Radio's weekly political analysis program is hosted by MTPR's Sally Mauk, with UM Political Science Professor Rob Saldin, and former Capitol Reporter Chuck Johnson.

Top World & Politics Articles From Foreign Policy, Global Post, Mother Jones, Reuters, The New Yorker, Politico, CNN & More. Covering Topics In Top Political Stories, Foreign Affairs, International News, Analysis & Opinion, etc.

Our podcast features breaking international and political news, including analysis and opinion on top political stories. Listen to articles about the elections, Iraq, North Korea, Russia and Crimea, the White House, and much more. Umano helps give insight and opinion on international news, politics, business, finance, science, technology and the connections between them, as well as impartial political news coverage on the leaders, policies and agendas. That's not all! If you want to listen to more World & Politics articles, download the free Umano App for iOS or Android to get fresh articles everyday. Visit http://getumano.com to download and use the free code 'PODCAST' to get a month of Premium service for free.

Doug Pagitt Radio

Doug Pagitt Radio is Religious Radio that is not quite right. Doug Pagitt is one of the nations most creative thinkers on the issues of faith, spirituality, religion, politics and science. In the show Doug seeks to offers positive, fun, thoughtful conversation on all kinds of topics from news to parenting; politics to natural health; science to movies; finances to faith. Radio That’s Not Quite Right This is not a typical religious show – we are fun, fast passed and not mean. And, it is not politically right. The Show has an IndeDemoCan spirit recognizing that all political perspectives have a point, and those who identify with a political parties do so for reasons that make sense to them. We want to hear from all perspectives. The program carries a hopeful, optimistic, contrarian and often sassy attitude. We invite news-makers, thought provokers, and interesting people of all kinds as guests on the show for long-format interview.

Universe City

A scientifically funny podcast (p<0.05); new episodes every Tuesday. Comedians Joe Zimmerman, Jono Zalay, and Raj Sivaraman (two PhDs and one NCAA athlete) explore a new topic in science each week, from evolutionary biology and particle physics, to political science and economics. They review the most exciting scientific findings and discuss the impacts for science, society, and their own personal lives. Listening to this podcast has been scientifically proven to make you a better citizen of the multiverse.

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