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The Rocking Self Publishing Podcast

Each week we interview some of the biggest names in self-publishing. In these in-depth interviews we look at where these authors started, how they made it, and how an aspiring self-published author can aim to do the same thing.

Self Publishing Podcast Classics

Smart Self-Publishing Experience From Successful Indie Authors

MyKitaab : Podcast on Book Publishing in India

Mykitaab is a podcast that will help authors in getting their books published in India. Three times a week, we will interview authors, editors, and publishers, who will help us answer the question "I have written a book, how do I get it published in India?" Our guests include bestselling authors Bhaavna Arora, Aditi Chopra, Kiran Manral, and Rich Amooi; Publishers Vivek Mehra (Sage India) Satya (New Horizon Media) and Jeremy Thomas (Inkshares); Entrepreneurs in the book publishing space Ricardo Fayet (Reedsy), Leonard Fernandes (Cinnamon Teal) and Tom Morkes (Insurgent Publishing); corporate leaders turned bestselling authors Apurva Purohit (Jagran Group), and Christopher Doyle; authorpreneur Joanna Penn, and academic and bestselling author Satish Deodhar (IIM Ahmedabad) who have written a bestseller or two. The guests will share their stories about self publishing, audiobooks, translations, or about the publishing industry in India.

The Sell More Books Show: Book Marketing, Digital Publishing and Kindle News, Tools and Advice

Authors, are you struggling to get the word out about your books? Discover the latest book marketing and self publishing news, tools and strategies. This is the Sell More Books Show with Jim Kukral and Bryan Cohen. Every week you'll get helpful tips and ideas to make your book sales soar. Visit for detailed show notes and more info.

Cats Illustrated podcast featuring Publisher Brett Dawson and guests

Cats Illustrated publisher Brett Dawson and co-hosts Will Messer and Eric Wright discuss the latest news in University of Kentucky sports.

Music Publishing Podcast

Nuts and bolts discussions on the business and practical aspects of being a composer in the 21st century, with host Dennis Tobenski.

The Publishing Profits Podcast Show | Writing | Marketing | Books | Ebooks

The #1 Podcast for the World's Highest Paid Authors

Author Audience: Helping You Reach More People With Your Message | Writing | Self-Publishing | Book Marketing | Business Growth

Shelley Hitz is on a mission to help you reach more people with your message because she believes every person has God-given gifts and abilities to impact the world. Each episode of Author Audience will be packed with ACTIONABLE training, spiritual inspiration, and encouragement for you to write, publish, and market your books. However, this podcast is not just about how to write and self-publish a book. It is so much more. Episodes also include topics on book marketing, social media marketing, how to sell more books, product creation, coaching, speaking, etc. Shelley’s passion is to help you connect with your audience in the best way possible. If you are a Christian author, Christian entrepreneur, or someone who simply wants to reach more people with your message, you're in the right place! The question is, are you ready to let your light SHINE?

Books Business and Beyond: Maximize the Income From Your Book to Create the Lifestyle You Want | Writing | Publishing | Authors

Kristen Eckstein and Shelley Hitz help authors not only write, publish, and market their books; but also take it one step further and create a business beyond book royalties. They help you, as an author, maximize the income from your book to create the lifestyle you want. Discover how you can diversify your income with online marketing through your blog, product creation, coaching, and much more. Kristen and Shelley have taught thousands of authors how to publish a book and now they want to help you take the next step in your business as an authorpreneur. If you are an author with a published eBook, print book, or audiobook; join us each week for interviews that will help you maximize the income from your book to create the lifestyle you want.

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