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Developer Tea

Developer Tea is a podcast for web and software developers hosted by a developer that you can listen to in less than 10 minutes. The show will cover a wide variety of topics related to the career of being a developer. We hope you'll take the topics from this podcast and continue the conversation, either online or in person with your peers. The show is hosted by Jonathan Cutrell, Director of Technology at Whiteboard and the author of Hacking the Impossible, a developer's guide to working with visionaries. :: Twitter: @developertea @jcutrell :: Email: developertea@gmail.com

TeaCast - Tea beverage, culture, health, and business

TeaCast is an international community bound by the common appreciation for tea and herbal tisanes. These cultural and personal rituals have been practiced for thousands of years and continues to serve as a focal point for peacefulness, tranquility, harmony, wisdom and hospitality. Each episode will feature preparation and tasting notes for a selected set of teas. Have a hot cup of tea and join us for a delightful conversation among friends.

Two Americans and A Soggy Tea Bag

Podcast by Two Americans and A Soggy Tea Bag

Tea Break Tog Photography Podcast

Education for Photographers - on their tea break!

The Tea Club

Join pop culture icons Lil Stacey, Trixie, Skylar, and Yung Fiend for their weekly podcast covering hip-hop, pop culture, local gossip. Dragging, throwing shade and spilling hot tea, no one is safe when it comes to The Tea Club. The Tea Club also serves as an therapy-dragging session for friends who are trying to adjust to life in ratchet small town of Mobile, Alabama.

STeaP - The Tea Podcast

STeaP is a video podcast about tea.

88 Cups of Tea with Yin Chang

88 Cups of Tea with Yin Chang is a podcast for the aspiring and professional storyteller alike. On the show, Yin chats with international bestselling novelists, screenwriters, and filmmakers about their journey to success. They also discuss career advice and "how-to's" for listeners to apply actionable steps towards their own storytelling careers. She asks questions like, "How did you land your literary agent?", "How did your short film help you get representation as a director?", "How do you create characters that listeners can empathize with?" 88 Cups of Tea with Yin Chang is a safe space for listeners to learn, and to feel empowered, inspired, and motivated. Welcome to our tribe of storytellers! Be sure to follow us on Twitter @88cupsoftea and ask your own questions about storytelling that Yin can squeeze into her interviews!

The High Tea Cast

Sam Sparrow and Leanne Rice are the feisty female duo on a collaborative mission to bring you girl-about-town adventure, hot gossip, hilarity, exclusive interviews, a dash of tuneage and, most importantly, more tea and cake than you can shake a stick at. Join us for serious discussion, comedy value and all sorts of cheeky chinwags. ...Oh, and did we mention tea and cake? It's the podcast that packs a punch over a spot of high tea, darling.

Sea Tea Improv - Hartford, CT

Sea Tea Improv is a professional improv comedy company whose members have trained at the country’s premier comedy schools, including the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, Second City, ImprovBoston, and more. Since 2009, Sea Tea Improv has dazzled Connecticut and beyond with its interactive shows, customized comedy, and on-the-spot interpretations of audience suggestions.

Turkish Tea Time

Join us at Turkish Tea Time (turkishteatime.com) as we chat about the Turkish language, its grammar, and how it's spoken in every day life. We're Turkish learners, Turkish teachers, and Turkish people ourselves - so we understand what it takes to get a grip on this amazing language. Published daily, each lesson revolves around a dialog that focuses on a single language point. There's something here for every Turkish learner: the difficulty level of each day's lesson rotates between four levels, from absolute beginner to extremely advanced. To follow along each day with annotated dialogs, vocabulary, audio, and quizzes, join us over at turkishteatime.com.

Spill The Tea

Join us as we Spill The Tea weekly in this sassy podcast. With Yasmin and Joe serving up some serious shade about life's random occurrences, girly shit, music and other general shenanigans!

TeaLife Audio - Chado the Japanese Way of Tea

Tea Life Audio is a podcast about the Japanese Way of Tea and related arts. It is a round table discussion about various topics related to the way of tea, Chado.

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