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Cabral Concept: Wellness | Weight Loss | Anti-Aging

The Cabral Concept by Dr. Stephen Cabral was created for you, the health conscious individual looking to discover the little known factors to ideal wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging. We uncover the root causes of why you're feeling stuck and unable to attain your goals and the action steps needed to live the life you always dreamed of. Plus, every day I answer your natural health wellness, weight loss, mindset, product review, and longevity questions. By following the Cabral Concept of "Change Your Body - Change Your Life," our community believes that by first rebalancing your body and mind, you will then be motivated to conquer any goals you set for yourself in life. I look forward to sharing these real world, proven, holistic strategies with you straight from my Boston Naturopathic, Ayurvedic, and Functional Medicine practice!

Lose Weight & Keep it Off

Hear a 1/2 Hour excerpt from the "LOSE WEIGHT and KEEP IT OFF" Hypnosis Seminar on DVD from America's Best Known Hypnotherapist, John Morgan.

Weight Loss Nation

Weight Loss Nation is the one place to find the tools you need to live a long-term healthy lifestyle. The one location for online support, guidance, recipes and video demonstrations to assist you in cooking simple and healthy meals. We have Mentors from the health & wellness industry ready to guide you on your journey. Weight Loss Nation also has the 90 Day Challenge, where ten individuals are chosen to compete against each other for 12 weeks. During those 12 weeks, contestants will be placed on a team and guided by a coach to help them reach their personal goals, while learning to live a healthy lifestyle. At the end of the 90 Day Challenge, the one individual, who has accumulated the most points by meeting certain criteria, will be named the "winner." The winner will receive a 7 Day Cruise for two on Carnival Cruise Line. Go to www.TheWeightLossNation.com for contest rules and terms & conditions.

Organic Fit Tv Health & Wellness Podcast With Adil Harchaoui - Weight Loss, Fit Lifestyle, Personal Development, Mindset, Organic fit

OrganicFit.TV is an enjoyable, exciting and refreshing look at everything health, wellness and fitness related. with transformational fitness coach Adil Harchaoui simplify complicated topics within the realm of health and fitness, such as diet, exercise, weight loss, muscle gain, disease, chronic fatigue and depression, inflammation, and positive mindset, among many others. OrganicFit.TV will inspire you to discover a new way of approaching and realizing your health and fitness goals in a way that is both intriguing and easy to understand, and it will ultimately assist you in becoming the very best version of you possible! While adopting a healthy organic approach.

Weight Loss Psychology - Know your mind to lose your weight once & for all

Dr George Blair-West on Weight Loss Psychology

Logical Weight Loss Podcast

A No nonsense approach to weight loss hosted by Dave Jackson a regular person like you trying to lose weight. He shares what is and isn't working for him, inspirational stories, and weight loss gadgets. Presented in a fun and entertaining style.

Thinner Peace in Menopause: Weight Loss After 50 & Mindfulness

If you've been on a diet your whole life and now menopause is making it harder than ever to be happy and to lose weight (AGAIN), then join Dr Deb Butler. Dr Deb is a Certified Master Weight Loss and Life Coach and will help guide you past your struggles and teach you the mindfulness of paying attention to the connection between your body and your mind. It's always been there... she'll help you remember what you forgot! If not now, when? So say “No” to diets and restricting and "Yes" to a new, mindful you! Subscribe now to learn more.

Weight Loss Secrets - Your Healthy Journey w/ Michael Brooks

Are you tired of the body you have? Are you ready to claim or reclaim the body of your dreams, control your appetite and stop the over eating? Leading diet and weight loss coach Mike Brooks has been helping people just like you to feel better about themselves, look more attractive to others, turn back the clock and look and feel younger, avoid embarrassment, gain confidence, avoid health problems by dropping that unwanted weight. This program is not as much about what you eat and how you exercise. It is about gaining the laser beam focus, the motivation and desire to find permanent weight loss. Maybe you have tried Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, the Atkins Diet, The Zone Diet or any number of the many diet and weight loss programs. Maybe you’ve never been on a weight loss program in your life. Whether you have all the tools and knowledge or are starting from square one, this program will help you. The 4 Step Weight Loss Success System is a no nonsense, easy and painless approach to life long health and fitness. My personal goal and mission in life is to turn you into the next biggest loser. I want you to get the body of your dreams and be the person you truly want to be. This podcast is a part of the 4stepsuccesskit.com and the laststanddietplan.com systems and yours free to enjoy, learn and use to get in shape and stay in shape for life.

Pure Food Pure Fitness Podcast| Fitness | Nutrition | Weight Loss | Exercise

Free fitness, nutrition, exercise, weight loss, health and wellness advice from Gerald Smith PersonalTrainerCityOfLondon.co.uk! I bring you advice, content and interviews on relevant topics in fitness, nutrition & exercise, based on published research from some of the best nutritionists, personal trainers, health coaches, fitness experts and medicine practitioners. Have fun, exercise, eat, relax, and enjoy life. Go to PersonalTrainerCityOfLondon.co.uk for my show notes and for every episode archived. Also, get your FREE 4-week WEIGHT LOSS guide from PersonalTrainerCityOfLondon.co.uk/subscribe! My podcast includes nutrition, fitness, diet, health, workout, fat burning, exercise, wellness, fat loss, paleo, bodybuilding, body weight, fat burning, weight loss, cross fit, abs, from a top London personal trainer

The Thinner In 30 Podcast: Weight Loss Inspiration for Women

Have you ever said to yourself "I feel fat"? Or even worse, thought of yourself as ugly or unattractive? Have you ever tried to lose weight, lost 5 lbs, got discouraged, and gained 10 lbs or more back? Only to find yourself scraping the bottom of the peanut butter jar? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this is YOUR podcast. ThinnerIn30 is hosted by Adam Foote, creator of ThinnerIn30.com, Inspirational Speaker and Women's Fat Loss Specialist who was once a struggling, depressed, food addicted personal trainer. Wild combination, right? Adam's now a leading inspiration in the world of women's weight loss, having worked & along side Olympic athletes & stay-at-home moms to figure models, emotional eaters, Miss D.C, and Mrs. U.S. International contestants. Thinner IN 30 is your place for Honest, Authentic, and Transparent weight loss inspiration for women only... Helping you to lose weight, keep it off, and be happy with the body God gave you.

The Fitness Motivation Podcast: Weight Loss Success Stories | Weight Loss Motivation | How to Lose Weight | Weight Loss Tips

Welcome to the Fitness Motivation Podcast, the show that spotlights the most inspirational weight loss success stories! We feature everyday people just like YOU who changed their health and their life for the better. Whether you're just starting out on your fitness journey or are struggling to keep going, this podcast is just what you need! Stay motivated and inspired with short, impactful interviews published every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Plus, don't forget to stick around for the inspirational quote of the day at the end of every episode! Learn weight loss motivation secrets and weight loss tips from people who've been in your shoes, battled to improve their health, and WON! If they can do it - so can you!

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